3 Things You MUST Know Before Dressing for a Date!

Do you get stressed out before dates? And do you get even more stressed out dressing for that date?

Recently I teamed up with my good friend and Denver love coach, Gayla Wick, to give you some advice on how to take the stress out of getting dressed and have fun dressing for your dates.

Your bonus in all of this is you’ll feel fabulous and confident and be able to forget about what you’re wearing and just concentrate on having fun and being yourself.

Dressing for a date doesn’t have to mean getting all dressed up, but it can. In the video we cover 3 crucial aspects to think about when you’re deciding what to wear.

Even if you’re not single, be sure to watch the video—we had so much fun making it!! As I got to thinking, our advice can work whether you’re getting dressed for a date with someone new or your significant other! 

Better yet, you’re a smart lady, these 3 things you MUST know before dressing for a date can translate to helping you feel confident in job interviews, at work, or simply every day life!

So be sure to check it out! We’d love for you to give the video a thumbs up! And a comment would be the bomb!!!

And if you are single, I highly recommend Gayla! If you’re ready to find that loving, healthy, supportive love relationship you’ve been dreaming of contact her for a complimentary consultation.

And be sure to sign up and get her 10 Secrets for Navigating Online Dating (and staying safe)! along with her weekly to blog updates! I’m not single, but I always get great relationship from her.

And without much further ado…

3 Things You MUST Know Before Dressing for a Date!

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