3 Reasons Personal Style Is Important

3 reasons personal style is important

In this age of women’s empowerment and the notion that we’ve come so far, it could be so easy to dismiss personal style. Should our style, image, or how we look matter to our success?

Absolutely! And quite honestly, personal style, image and first impressions aren’t limited to women. Men are in this game of presenting themselves with style just as much as women are!

So back to the question of why image and personal style are important…there are far more reasons than you have time to read about today, so I’ll just concentrate on my top 3.

3 Reasons Personal Style is Important

  1. People for impressions of you within a mere 3 seconds!
  2. Your style makes you memorable.
  3. Your style allows you to express who you are, which ultimately leads to an improved self-image and confidence.

1. People asses your style and form impressions of you in 3 seconds

Three seconds! What?

 That’s right…people start forming impressions of you within the first 3 seconds of seeing you. It’s not judging; it’s simply human nature. We can’t help ourselves. We almost always see others before we start conversing with them.

“Your image speaks far before you ever get the chance to open your mouth!”

 While this might seem a little alarming at first, the good news is that we can control these momentary and lasting impressions with the way we present ourselves. With a little extra thought and attention to our style and image we can send out non-verbal messages that we’re:

  • Successful
  • Authoritative
  • Reliable
  • Approachable and friendly
  • Knowledgeable….

And clearly this is just a smattering of the many positive, lasting impressions you can create through your style.

2. Your Style Makes You Memorable

 Think of it like this: Your style is your calling card! Think of the last networking event you went to. Chances are good that you still remember something about someone’s outfit that spoke to you…whether you met them or not!

I can specifically remember meeting someone like this at the last profession women’s, networking luncheon I attended. I saw a woman across the room whose skirt (which was really cute) stood out. Her style spoke to me.

I wondered who she was. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to meet her before we sat down for lunch. But luck came my way and we were seated next to each other. I was eager to get to know this woman and wasn’t disappointed one bit. And yes, you know I still remember her great skirt!

Think of all the ways being memorable can help you in your career. For example:

3 reasons personal style is important

You’re interviewing for a new position in a CPA firm, law firm or other type of conservative business. It’s a sea of navy suits with white shirts, but you’re also wearing a beautiful pendant in your eye color. I guarantee you’ll be memorable!

I’m not saying your resume, experience and personality won’t be memorable, but when you’re up against a large pool of qualified candidates, any added edge certainly increases your favor.

Not interviewing? Imagine the same holding true on sales calls, making presentations, and of course, networking. Your style can enhance all you do!

3 reasons personal style is important
 3. Confidence!

 When I hold a free, initial consultation with a potential client, we always discuss her vision of what her ideal wardrobe and style and how she would want her look to be different from how it is now. After we’ve discussed it at length, I ask, “If you had this, what difference would it make in your life”.

Ninety percent of the women I speak to tell me they’d feel better about themselves and have more confidence. Ninety percent! That’s huge…and this is coming from a wide range of women, mostly already successful, confident women: attorneys, CPA’s, physicians, engineers, real estate agents, business owners and more!

When you know your wardrobe and image are reflecting your personality and all you have to give to the world. You feel confident and powerful and have a little more spring in your step!

So now I ask you—Is your wardrobe and style creating the best first impression possible? Is it eye-catching and memorable? Do you feel confident and powerful each and every time you get dressed?

 If you’re interested in creating your best style ever or simply giving your closet an update, I offer a free 50-minute, phone consultation. The easiest way to schedule is to visit my online calendar, I look forward to talking with you!

3 reasons why personal style is important








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