10 Ways to Reinvent Your Style In 2016

Yep, I’m still on the New Year New You/Style Goal/Resolution Bandwagon. Why not? As I’ve mentioned a million times before, I’m feeling great about 2016 and am passionate about helping you make it your best year ever.

So reinvention…sounds big, a little scary, right? Quite honestly, it’s just a buzzword. Your style reinvention can be subtle or bold. Either way, changing up your style can completely change the way you feel!

As an image and wardrobe consultant, I guide my clients through their reinventions. The main thing I can tell you is once they make even a subtle change, no one ever wants to go back!

mother of reinvention

Madonna, the mother of reinvention

Here are ten ways to reinvent your style, either subtly or boldly:

  1. Change your hair. Subtle: Subtly change your hair color. Bold: Get a completely new cut (and color)!
  2. Do you always wear black? Subtle: Add in bright color! Bold: Try an all white outfit. The most modern look is varying shades of white in interesting textures.
  3. Change your handbag! Subtle: Change your bag for the seasons instead of carrying a year round bag. Bold: Create a handbag wardrobe. Light leathers with light clothing; black patent bag to go with black, and colors to suit your mood and add punch to your outfits!
  4. Leather! Subtle: Try a lightweight leather jacket for spring/summer in any color except black. Bold: Try other garments such as tops and skirts in summer weight leather (or faux leather.) Very chic!
  5. Create a signature look with color. Subtle: Add pops of a signature color to your wardrobe. (Extra)-Bold: Buy as many things as you can in this color. Wear it every day!
  6. Show some skin! Subtle: Go sleeveless; try a shorter skirt; try a lower neckline, etc. (all of these in moderation, please.) Bold: Um, no bold option here!
  7. Always accessorize! Subtle: Swap silver for gold. If you always wear silver, but have a sneaking suspicion you look better in gold, experiment with the other metal. Rose gold is yet another gorgeous alternative. Bold: Swap your delicate pieces for bold statement pieces…and get ready for compliments!
  8. Banish VPL’s (visible panty lines) for good! Subtle: dip your toes in. Try 1 thong, 1 boy short and 1 light control panty, and see what suits you best. Bold: Clear out your lingerie drawer and go all out; buy all the colors of your preferred style that make you happy and feeling fabulous all underneath.
  9. Revamp your make-up routine. Subtle: emphasize a new part of your face. For example, if you always concentrate on your eyes, start playing up your lips instead. Find a few fabulous lipstick shades and have a blast with them. Bold: Learn to subtly contour for special days. Strobing is a fun way to play with light on your face, and it’s quick and easy!
  10. Update your outerwear! Subtle: Do you yawn every time you reach for your sensible, black coat? Branch out with a colorful wool coat that will wake you up each morning. Bold: Swap your cloth coat for a feminine, puffer coat with interesting details like a belt or fur (faux or real) collar. Sure this may not be your choice for job interviews or important client calls, but choosing a fitted parka with sharp details like a belt or metallic snaps will update your look as well as keeping you uber-warm!

Whether you choose mild or wild; one or all of the reinvention techniques, you’re sure to make a difference in your wardrobe that will go a long way.



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