Will Living Coral Be Part Of Your Personal Style?

Pantone, the world’s leading authority on color trends, has deemed Living Coral the Color of the Year. Is this sunny color part of your personal style? 

I know what may be going through your head right now…”my personal style? I don’t really know what my personal style is, much less whether Living Coral is part of it!”Trust me, I get it. Until I took my initial training to become an image and wardrobe consultant, I was always befuddled by the concept of personal style. 

I know that after helping hundreds of clients since I started my business, no one truly fits in one of those neat little categories (like romantic or preppy) that you’ve seen in magazines over the years. Instead, personal style is the way you want to look and feel along with the message you want to put out to the world.

And your style is made up of your likes and dislikes; what’s flattering; and your lifestyle. The easiest way to get started figuring out your personal style is to think about what you like and don’t like. Which takes us back to Living Coral. 

Living Coral is part pink and part orange. It’s not insanely bright, but it’s definitely not a pastel. If your answer to whether or not you like Living Coral isn’t instant, I invite you to do a Google search for images or a Pinterest search. Once you’ve decided whether you like it or not, you are well on your way to discovering your personal style.

I know…the concept of personal style may still a bit nebulous, but finding your personal style is a journey, so baby steps are fine!

If you absolutely knew from the get go that Living Coral is one of your favorite colors, you may be wondering how to wear it now…since it is traditionally a spring/summer color. I love this color so much, I decided to get creative and come up with some ways you can wear Living Coral right now. 

Here are 7 Ways to wear Living Coral now: 

Is Living Color Part of Your Personal Style?

(L-R) Sorbet Sweater Coat, Selena Crop Boot Cut, Button Sleeve Sheath, Leather Adidas, Long Sleeve T, Chanel Jacket, Hanky Panky

  1. Sorbet Sweater Coat: Pair a casual sweater like this with jeans and flats for an easy, upbeat, mid-winter outfit. An ivory long sleeve T under the cardigan would be less summery than white. 
  2. Selena Crop, Boot Cut: J. Brand makes fab jeans, so I think these are much cuter on than they appear in this photo. As shown with the pumps, I feel like the look is a little off trend. For a warmer outfit, pair the heavy lace trimmed jeans with light colored booties and a cozy, neutral colored sweater.
  3. Button Sleeve Sheath Dress: Even though this dress isn’t pink or red, how perfect would it be for a Valentine’s date? To keep it from looking too Easter, add grey suede or even snakeskin shoes. Edgy jewelry and a belt will also abate any sweetness. To make it work worthy top in with a black or grey blazer. (P.S. nude colored fishnet tights will keep your legs warm and be next to invisible.)
  4. Leather Adidas: Not really doing any winter shopping, but you can always find room in your closet for more sneakers? These Adidas are super fun! Grab your favorite leggings, a T and a jean jacket, and you’ve got a great athleisure look.
  5. Long sleeved T: Y’all know I’m on a quest for the perfect white T, so while I was looking the other day, I spied this yummy top! I’ll probably wear it under a charcoal sweater now, and later it’ll be on it’s own with jeans. Fitted long sleeve T’s are so cozy and a big part of my weekend, personal style.
  6. Chanel style, tweed jacket: I love the way this jacket is styled with the white sleeveless blouse and jeans, but it reads a tiny bit springy to me. To make it a bit more seasonal and dressy add an ivory long sleeve blouse and winter white, grey (my fave) or black pants.
  7. Hanky Panky: Because…Valentine’s Day! Show yourself a little love and banish panty lines all at the same time! 

I hope this post has inched you one step closer to learning your personal style. We’ll be talking a bunch more about personal style coming up. 

In the mean time, if you’re wearing Living Coral now, I’d love to hear about your outfits! 

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