Top Trends for Fall 2019

Here it is! The post you’ve been waiting for, my Fall 2019 trend report a.k.a. Top Trends for Fall 2019!

Consider today as a sneak peek into what may be your favorite season (and I promise I’ll get on board soon enough.) As the wind starts to blow the leaves, I’ll take a deeper dive into how you can make my seasonal picks work for your wardrobe and the best way to wear them.

The trends I’m sharing today are some of my favorites. I especially try to cover trends that are office worthy and others that work for real life.

Side note…I have a new feature to my website now! Whenever you click through on any outfit collage, you’ll land on my Storefront. There you’ll find the look with all of the individual items below it. When you click on “buy” you’ll be directed to the retailer’s site.

Everything you find on my Storefront has my stamp of approval! Most of my picks are fairly moderately priced. Some are higher and some are lower. Please let me know if you ever have any questions, and I am absolutely happy to help you!!

Without much further ado, here is my

Top Trends for Fall 2019!

Millenial Purple” While “Millenial lavender” replaced all things pink for a couple of seasons, the trend has matured and includes lavender, royal purple and darker shades as well. (Um, purple is my favorite color.) If you’re a purple lover, I definitely recommend scooping up the hue when you see it. Purple can often be hard to find some seasons. ↓Click the pic for more info.

Purple Power

Snakeskin When we hear “animal print” we often think of leopard, but even though leopard isn’t going anywhere (and is making a lot of trend lists,) snakeskin is a much fresher trend.

Of course, snakeskin footwear automatically comes to mind, but don’t be afraid to venture into snakeskin (print or faux leather) coats, blouses, jeans, handbags, etc. It’s definitely a trend with staying power!

It probably goes without saying that you might garner some comments in the workplace wearing the bright/head to toe snake outfits, but unless you’re in an uber conservative field, a little snake can be super (ha, ha…did you get that? I’m so corny sometimes.) ↓Click the pic for more info.

fall snake print

Plaid As cliche as it may be…the fashion world is mad for plaid. Whether it’s tartan, houndstooth, glen, or any other kind of plaid, it’s hot for fall 2019! Bright tartan plaid could possibly be a bit bold for the office, otherwise most other plaids are somewhat subdued and can add just enough of a punch to your fall wardrobe to make it feel fresh. ↓Click the pic for more info.

mad for plaid

Suiting What could be easier than a suit to pick out of your closet on a sleepy Monday morning? But with our casual lifestyles and dress codes, suits have gotten a bit of a bad rap in the last few years.

The way to create an updated suiting look for fall/winter 2019 is to make sure there’s something a bit different about it. Swap out sensible pumps for chic flats. Instead of a blouse, choose a T.

A modern suit could even be as easy as picking a fun patterned jacket with matching cropped pants instead of plain old trousers. Stay tuned to the blog for more ideas this fall. ↓Click the pic for more info.

Cool Suiting fall 2019

One Shoulder/One Sleeve  We’ve been having quite the discussion over on my Facebook page about this trend. I’ve always liked one shoulder tops/dresses. Done right, a one sleeved dress/top can be chic. (Psst…my business FB page is here.

My best advice is to tred lightly on this one. It would be wise to spend a little less on the style here than on a classic just in case it goes out of style quickly…like cold shoulders. Not a work look for the most part, but it’s great for date night and all of the fundraisers you may be attending this fall. ↓Click the pic for more info.

one shoulder trend

Moody Florals A.K.A dark florals. What the heck are moody florals? They’re simply florals, but instead of being light and bright like you’d expect in the spring, these are mostly muted flowers on dark backgrounds.

This isn’t a brand new trend, and I haven’t been a huge fan of these in the past; however, the colors this season seem a bit more vivid and interesting.

Moody, dark florals (typically done in lightweight fabrics) are a great fall transition option. Pair a dark floral skirt with a chunky sweater or opt for a dark floral cocktail dress for a fall wedding. ↓Click the pic for more info.

moody florals

Do fall trends mean you have to entirely revamp your wardrobe? Are you out of style if you don’t buy into the trends? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But if you’re looking to add some freshness into your closet, these trends will certainly do the job!

Which of the Top Fall Trends for 2019 do you like? Let me know in the comments below!

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