The Most Wearable Trends for Spring 2019

It’s that time again…time for my annual Spring Trends Report! As always, I’m bringing you wearable spring trends!

I find that so many of spring’s trends are suited a little more for summer. And quite honestly, more this year than in several years past, the styles have seemed really extreme.

So this personal stylist has gone to work for you, translating what’s on the runway to actual wearable styles you can consider to inject the perfect amount of freshness into your spring wardrobe.

Of course, I specialize in helping women with their professional work wardrobes, I also help them feel and look amazing for their off-duty lives. Today, I’ll be sharing spring trends for both work outfits and weekend looks.

For my last preface before we get started, I’ll mention that these are just a few of the hundreds of trends out there, and as warm weather starts to kick in, I’ll be adding more posts about how to update your closet even more!

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And without further delay, here are my top picks for

The Most Wearable Spring Trends for 2019

Beige and Neutrals

The runways showed us lots of beige worn head to toe, but the “beige trend” can be translated to whites, khaki/green, and grey. These are all easy colors for the workhorse basics you need to lighten up your closet.

The real key  to wearing beige and other neutrals is finding the tones that work best with your complexion.

Don’t love the idea of head-to-toe beige? Do your own thing! Mix your best beige with pastels (more coming up) or white.

The Most Wearable Trends fo Spring 2019


Yellow is one of the biggest offenders on my clients’ “don’t like” lists. But hear me out—not all yellow is created equal. Like with beige, it is a matter of finding the right shade for you.

As a kid, I wore yellow all the time (I was always tan.) Then as an adult, believing yellow just wouldn’t work for me, I stopped wearing it. I missed it! Just a few years back, I discovered that my best yellow is kind of a buttercup shade, not too pale, not too bright.

If your skin tone is a little darker, you can wear the bright yellows and golds. Blonde with light skin? You may be best in pastel shades. (Hmmm…there’s that P word again…)


Pastels also get a lot of thumb downs with my clients. Yet other clients are absolutely breathtaking in pastels!

If you truly don’t like these light colors, pass this trend by. But if you’re looking for a way to update your wardrobe with something completely “new to you,” it might be worth dipping your toes in.

Besides their general connotation, pastels can slide into mid-tone territory as well as icy shades. Avoid the sugary sweet vibe by finding pastel pieces with a little edge. Or steer clear of clothes completely and add pastel accessories to white, beige and even denim!

Spring 2019 Most Wearable Trends


Along with bright, mid-tone and pastel suits, this trend is also about monochromatic dressing or head-to-toe in the same hue.

The colorful suits are definitely a nod to the 80’s,  but even more they’re also a big  “nod” to getting dressed easily.

Yes, I know we live in a casual climate, but suits have been “out” so long, they’re stylish again.  Think about it…what could be easier in the morning than a suit?

To keep things more modern, opt for some softness in the fabric. Or choose a slim, cropped pants or wide legs instead of classic trousers. For even more newness, choose pastels, brights, prints or a bit riskier, a satin suit!

If a suit feels way too dressy for your office, simply pair the jacket with white pants or even jeans.

Lastly, if you want to follow the matchy-matchy trend sans suiting, keep in mind that you don’t have to have an exact match on your pieces. For example, monochromatic dressing could mean a light blue blouse, navy pants and royal accessories. Likewise, your hue can vary just a hair in shade as well.

Animal Print

I kind of feel like I say “animal print” every season! Leopard print has become a true classic,  but for spring 2019, other animals are prevailing. There’s a plethora of zebra and my favorite, snake! (I HATE snakes, but snake print is my fave!)

Another big update to the trend I’m seeing are ‘90’s slip style midi-skirts in snake and leopard print. Not only is the A-line shape highly wearable, but also the neutral shades are a good base for a variety of top styles from early season sweaters to all summer long, t-shirts!

Depending on your office culture or field, animal print blazers or pants might be a little much. To tame it (yes, pun intended,) wear a feminine animal print blouse under a suit or opt for animal print, i.e. leopard, snake or zebra shoes or handbags.

Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses are full on “in” for spring of 2019. There are more iterations of the style than I’ve seen in a long time. Even though the style has become a modern classic, it’s been a little hard to find, so this is your year to stock up!

Wrap dresses are flattering for a lot of body types and are a key style for hourglass figures.

The Most Wearable Trends for Spring 201

Like some of the other spring trends I’ve talked about, not all wrap dresses are created equally. So if you have a dress on your spring shopping list, I urge you to try several different styles of wrap dresses to find your signature style.

“Acid Wash” denim

The runways showed a lot of acid wash denim, but much more wearable is the shift toward more light wash denim. It’s a nice change of pace from all of the dark denim that’s been prevalent for so long.

Personally, I have enough dark wash skinny jeans and have been itchy for something new. I don’t really feel like true “acid wash” has a lot of staying power, but a modern style in a bit of a lighter wash denim is something just about every jean wardrobe can use this spring.

For casual Friday, why not try a pair of new, light wash jeans, a pastel jacket and white booties or loafers?


Boilersuits are the “it” item of the season! The difference I see between a boilersuit and a jumpsuit is the former is far more casual, usually utilitarian looking.

The Most Wearable Trends for Spring 2019

If there’s no defined waist at all, a boilersuit can definitely be belted with a low-slung belt. But I’ve seen a few with defined waists-very ‘80’s looking, but also a lot of fun for casual weekends.

While boilersuits are the BIG trend, jumpsuits are still hugely popular. I’ve seen more in the stores than ever before! Many of the styles are relatively casual, but I can definitely see dressing one up for business casual with a cute jacket, jewelry and slingbacks.

A jumpsuit can be as versatile and easy as a dress!

As I mentioned earlier in the post, these are just a few of the wearable spring trends for 2019. I’ll go more into details and add a few more trends, especially accessory and shoe trends you can check out to boost your style quotient for the season!

So now it’s your turn! What are your favorite spring trends for 2019?

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