Spring 2022 Shoe Trends for the Office

The spring 2022 shoe trends report is here! 

In my last post I gave you my 2022 spring trends report. 

You didn’t think I’d leave you hangin’ wondering what shoes to wear, did you??

Today, I’m bringing you spring shoe trends that are both wearable and will have some longevity. 

There are so many shoes out there for all occasions, but I’m concentrating MOSTLY* on styles you can wear to the office. 

*Disclaimer: I don’t typically recommend sandals for professional settings, but I know it gets hot and they’re so cute you just want to wear them. 

And quite honestly, most of these you can wear for almost any occasion other than the pool or mowing the yard, lol! 

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

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So exciting! 

Color has been trickling back into footwear for a bit now, but it is one of the top 2022 spring shoe trends!

Think orange, yellow, lime green, hot pink, turquoise, red, and more! 

Bright colors are the real stars, but you’ll also find candy color pastels and everything else in between, too. 

Hint…a pop of color at your feet can make you stand out in any room.

 But for any situations where you don’t want people distracted by your feet…like in the courtroom, giving a speech, etc. trade color for a neutral. 


spring 2022 shoe trends

Orange is very popular! Marc Fisher Zala Pump $160

2022 Spring Shoe Trends

Kenneth Cole Riley

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Schutz $118

Be sure to to click through on each shoe. Most of my picks come in more than one color.

  Ballet Flats

You were hoping I’d give you flats, right? 

While ballet flats, er slippers, are truly timeless, the fashion gods have deemed them “in style”. 

One of my biggest tips for ballet flats to keep your look professional is to look for ones with a structured sole and even a slice of a heel. 

This way you won’t look like you’re wearing your house slippers…and they’re better for your feet, too! 

Looking for something a little different? You’ll find a wide variety of colors, uppers, toe shapes, and even some with straps! 

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Larroude $265

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Gucci Hills Logo Ballet Flat $750

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Patricia Green Ballet Flat $248. These look like the real deal!



Like color, metallics have been rare in footwear for several years now. 

But unlike brights, mid-tones, and pastels, metallics are NEUTRAL. That’s right, you can wear them just like you would black, brown, tan…but they’re so much more interesting. 

When you have an outfit that no color shoe ever seems right with, metallics just may be your answer. 

For example, there aren’t too many navy shoes out there that match your navy dress…enter a metallic, and you’re oh so chic! 

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Vince Camuto $59.40

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Ara loafer $194.95. A great update to a classic loafer!

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Bernardo Eloise Bow Flat $164.95

More Spring 2022 Shoe Trends!


Most of the wedges you’ll find, (at least this early in the season,) are a bit on the casual side, think espadrilles. These are a super cute casual trend and can be great with business casual skirts/dresses, especially if you’re in a creative field.

What’s new and mostly a very high fashion fringe trend are wedges with slim soles and made from dressier materials, i.e. patent leather, leather… As far as sandals go, these are more appropriate for the office.

Keep your eye out for this shoe trend as we get into warmer weather. 

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

$139.95. So chic!


Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Tory Burch $ 328

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Kate Spade $198

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are a stiletto style heel that range from an inch up to three inches, but you’ll typically find them on the lower side. (Sometimes you’ll see slim block heels referred to as kittens.) 

I recommend scooping this shoe trend up fast! They’re comfortable, give you a bit of height, look great with skirts & dresses, and are super OFFICE-WORTHY. 

Kitten heels are great with traditional business clothes, but they’re oh so cute with jeans and a blazer, too. 

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Something Bleu $368. I love these!!!

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Donald Pliner $248…I’ve had a few pairs of DP’s and they’re super comfy!

(Pointy) Slingbacks

I ADORE slingbacks! And according to Who What Wear, “the pointier, the better!”  

Now I know not everybody can wear them, but I’m just sayin’ if you can wear a pointy slingback, it’s a perfect, closed toe, professional shoe trend that’s cute but also classic enough to have staying power.

Go on! Give them a try!

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Santoni Slingback $695…These will never go out of style!


Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

M. Gemi $328. Such a pretty shoe and they’re handmade from Italy!

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Botkier $138. What a fun pop of color! In orange, too.


Feminine details

These aren’t all work appropriate, but depending on your office culture, industry and dress code…some could be! (Psst…learn more about Pearlcore here.

If you see a style you love, and they’ll seem appropriate…go for it! Make a statement! It’s spring after all! 

Kate Spade Pearlcore $228

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Cynthia Richard $195. Probably not for MOST offices, but can we agree they’re to die for?!

Spring 2022 Shoe Trends

Camellia Gold Pleated Bow Heel $395. These come in a bunch of different colors and heel heights.


It can be tricky to know what shoes are best for your outfit. 

I can help you with that! Either in person or virtually (yes, for reals!)

 We’ll put all of your outfits together with the right shoes…

 So you’ll know exactly what to wear every day…without any brain damage! 

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