6 Fall Shoe Trends to Jump On & 1 to Pass On

You’re gonna love these 5 Fall Shoe Trends! And you’ll be so happy to pass on the last one. 

And here’s even more good news! You probably have at least one of these trends in your closet right now. 

And since it’s cooling down and fast, you’ll want to know how to wear and update your looks with these fall shoe trends…I’ve gotcha!

6 Fall Shoe Trends to Jump On

1. Fall Shoe Trend: Knee High Boots

Knee high boots have taken a back seat to ankle booties for years now. And while they’re classic, this fall they’re a much more prevalent trend. Take note, the newer pairing is with skirts or dresses rather than tucking your skinny jeans into the boots. 

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Fall 2022 Tall Boot Trend

How to wear it:

  •  Clearly you can wear your knee high boots with all of the wide leg pants…bonus warmth! 
  • Something new? I’m especially loving lug sole tall boots with knit skirts. 
  • And if you really want to  STAND OUT, try a pair of metallic boots! (Maybe not for the office 😜. But…depends on your industry, really.) Once you start getting compliments, you’ll wear them with everything, possibly even replacing your black boots. 

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2. Fall Shoe Trend: Booties

What, booties for fall? Groundbreaking!

Yep, I’m pretty sure booties are going to be around for quite some time. They’re so much easier to fit for women with narrow or wide calves. 


6 Fall Shoe Trends to Jump On

How to wear it:

  • Lug sole booties continue to be trending, albeit not such a polished office look unless you’re super comfortable juxtaposing them with something dressy. 
  • Pointy toe booties are great for lengthening your leg line even more with wide leg jeans. 
  • Want another idea? Add elegance to almost any outfit with white, ivory or sand booties. 

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3. Fall Shoe Trend: Mary Janes

While Mary Janes have been around FOR-EVER, they’re back as a fashion trend for fall 2022. Flats are a natural; however, heels, even if small are the dressiest of all of the fall shoe trends.

Fall Shoe Trends Mary Janes

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How to wear it:

The real key to fighting frump with Mary Janes is to wear them more as a statement shoe. Ditch the sensible, goes with everything style and seek out something fun!

4. Fall  Shoe Trend: Loafers

I know, I know…loafers have shown up in every trend report for at least a few years now. But here’s the thing—they’re the perfect shoe when you just aren’t ready to start wearing boots. 

You’re probably all set with basic loafers in your closet, so why not mix it up a bit? The 2 newest looks in loafers include luxe hardware and thick, lug soles. And how cute are the ones with shearling??

Fall Shoe Trends Mary Janes

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How to wear it:

5. Fall Shoe Trend: Sneakers

Sneakers as a fall shoe trend have been around several years now, but I’m feeling like it’s just within the past couple of years that they’ve become mainstream. Cheers to sneaker comfort! 

Sneakers may not cut it in super conservative offices, but they’re a great way to feel like you’re cheating the system in terms of comfort for so so many business casual environments. 

Fall Shoe Trends

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How to wear it:

  • Every time I wear sneakers with wide leg pants or a dress, not only do I feel super chic (very NY) but I get lots of compliments. 
  • Retro running sneakers are the NEW thing! On the other hand… you absolutely can’t go wrong with a pair of classic tennis style sneakers a la Adidas Stan Smiths. 
  • Wear either version of this fall shoe trend with pants, midi-skirts or obvi…jeans! I’d stay away from sneakers with a skirt suit or you’ll run the risk of looking like you’re straight out of the movie Working Girl. 

6. Fall Shoe Trend: Ballet Flats

They’re baaack! If you loved your ballet flats from 10 years ago but passed them, or if you’re chomping at the bit to pull out your classic slippers, you’re in luck! Ballet flats have actually been around since 1956, a true classic but they come in and out of fashion. 

Fall shoe trends ballet flats

How to wear it:

  • Juxtapose the sweetness of a ballet flat with a satin skirt and leather moto-style jacket. (Feel free to wear tights!) 
  • French girl classic cool…Chanel inspired, cap toe shoes with jeans and a blazer…perfect for a polished casual Friday!

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SKIP-Platform Shoes 

Here’s your shoe trend to skip! I’m not talking wedges, I’m talking the crazy sky high platforms you see all the celebrities and fashion girls wearing. 

They are in style, but unless you just love super high heels, I just don’t see any reason for them. Psst…I listen to you…quite honestly, 99% of my clients are just done with these crazy, uncomfortable shoes. 

platform shoe trend

I’ve seen a couple of styles that aren’t so extreme that I like, but with all of these comfortable shoes to choose from, it doesn’t make sense to torture yourself. 

But that’s just me…you do you! That’s what I’m all about, helping you find your style that makes you feel like the amazing confident woman that a great wardrobe enhances that much more. 

So what did you think? Did you find a fall shoe trend you want? Or is there one you’ll pull out of your closet and style in a new way? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

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