3 Comfortable Spring Pants Trends & How to Wear Them

While these pant trends aren’t completely new, they’re still kinda new for spring 2020.

We’ve been wearing skinny and slim styles for what feels like eons now. The typical outfit consisted of slim/skinny pants, jeans or leggings with a long, flowy top worn un-tucked.

Honestly, I was getting so bored with the look! You?

Finally the tides have turned, and the on-trend silhouettes are completely different. Here are my 3 favorite spring pant trends along with my tutorials on how to wear them.

Styling these new silhouettes is a tiny bit tricky, but don’t worry…I got ‘cha! There are some commonalities between the pant styles, so I’ll share what you need to know about putting outfits together for all 3 styles.

And then I’ll explain the exceptions for each along with the examples.

Ready to get started?

3 Comfortable Spring Pants Trends and how to wear them

Here’s what you need to know!

First, as a personal stylist and image consultant, here’s a little fashion design lesson I teach all of my clients:

There are 2 design principles you need to know about proportions. For the most balance look, you want your proportions to be:

  • Big over little a.k.a. a wide cut (big) top with skinny (little) pants OR
  • Little over big…a.k.a. a fitted or tucked in top (little) with (big) wide pants

We’re shifting from the first basic silhouette to the second.

Next,  it’s really important to wear a fitted top or a blouse tucked in or you risk looking too wide and disproportionate. (Big over big just isn’t as attractive or balanced.) A semi-tuck (leave top out in back) can often work as well.

On the other hand, a high waisted pant with a top tucked in will make your legs look a mile long!

Finally, if you’re completely opposed to tucking and you have long legs, you can wear a top on the outside of the pants as long as it’s fitted and not too long. This is a great save for short waisted gals.

P.S.  Be sure to scroll through all the items under “click to shop,” as I’ve provided the looks at a variety of price points, high and low.

Wide Leg Cropped Pants

 This spring of 2020, wide leg cropped pants or culottes are the prevailing style. Most of these will be high waisted, but you can find a classic or mid-rise on occasion. Check these out!

If you have short legs, you may want to wear this style with a bit of a heel, like a wedge espadrille since the short length can cut your leg line (sometimes.)  Psst…I personally think the gingham pants above should be a bit shorter, more deliberate.

Woven joggers

 Confession time! I had a poison eye for joggers up until just this year. Not sure why. Now I really want a pair!

I love the idea of dressing these up with a jacket or wearing them with a t-shirt for casual. (I definitely don’t love the booties!)

I’m literally drooling over the Reiss, satin jogger. What a great, professional look if you work in a creative field.

This  would also be a great outfit for a dressy dinner! You know, when the quarantine is over. I’m dreaming of this day!

Paper Bag waist pants

I gotta say…of the 3, a paper bag waist pant is the hardest to wear. There’s a lot going on at the waist…a lot of fabric, so you pretty much have to tuck your top in and it really needs to be fitted.

That said, they’re super cute!

Paper bag waists are a great style for triangle or hourglass figured gals or anyone with crazy flat abs. Um, this definitely isn’t me, ha ha!

I know…this is a lot to take in! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. I’m happy to help!

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2 comments on “3 Comfortable Spring Pants Trends & How to Wear Them

  1. Loved your blog, Dana. Definitely reinforced the proportions tip you’ve always taught me!

  2. Great news Dana! Love the wider leg pants and of course, your style advice is sooo helpful! I too cannot wait to get dressed up and go out for dinner. Heck, I’ll even think going out for a glass of wine and an appetizer is the World’s Fair at this point! Hope I remember how to get myself together for date night. Haha!!!

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