What Clients are Saying

Betsy Wiersma“I had a great day today with Dana preparing for my trip to Paris.”

Dana was fantastic in creating a color family, picking the right pieces to make 10 days of outfits, and looking at each outfit to check shoes and jewelry. I now am more excited to go and I am relaxed to know I am fashion ready!!

Betsy Wiersma, Founder CampExperience

Kimbirly Orr“HUGE thanks to my CampExperience Sister Dana Lynch who helped me clean out my closet and assess my style.”

The style assessment is a blueprint or mission statement and the first step in creating my new and improved look. I’ve recently lost a lot of weight and am working on dumping clothes that no longer work for my new body. Dana is amazing! If you are in need of a fashion makeover, I HIGHLY recommend you get in touch with her.

Kimbirly Orr, Social Media Expert

Lauren Kaplan“I first met Dana when I was re-entering the workforce after being at home with my kids for 14 years.”

It was perfect timing–I knew it was time to revamp both my professional and personal wardrobe. On my own, I just wasn’t sure where to start because my wardrobe had become so casual and putting together outfits was hard. I’d also become rather apathetic about shopping, not one of my favorite activities to start with.

Dana assessed my needs and made great suggestions for what my wardrobe needed. She learned my personal style, and truly understood my likes and dislikes.

When we went shopping, it was a totally relaxing experience, and Dana was very prepared for the trip. She was honest about the fit and flattery of the clothes. And she kept my budget in mind, teaching me how to combine the clothes to make lots of outfits. We’ve been building up my wardrobe season by season, adding new pieces and keeping me updated.

Now I look more professional and have the confidence to meet and present my business to potential clients. I also feel great knowing I have so many choices for all the varied parts of my life. Best of all, I know I look great no matter what I’m doing!

Lauren Kaplan, Rodan and Fields Dermatologists

Janet Medford“I highly recommend Dana.”

I am so pleased with what she has done with my wardrobe! With my small closet I don’t want a lot of clothes. Dana has maximized my wardrobe so that I have at least 30 different outfits for every season…without over stuffing my closet. For me personally I am able to look my best every day, and her system makes it easy to do that. I believe everyone should experience what Dana has to offer. I could keep going on about Dana and how much I love what she has done for me but,…Professionally this will keep me looking my best and give me that edge that women need to stay on top.

Janet Medford

Rebecca Kirchdorfer new“Dana Lynch’s wardrobe advice has proven so valuable to me!”

Dana Lynch’s wardrobe advice has proven so valuable to me that I am sure to keep using her services. While my acumen for dressing myself is somewhat developed I believe that Dana is helping me take it up a notch. She has opened my mind to choices that I would have not even considered but that have proven to enhance my style and who of us doesn’t want that?

I first noticed Dana Lynch a few years ago when I started seeing her at Colorado Women’s Chamber events. These events attract very professional women who know how to dress for success. Dana has always been able to pull off a sophisticated and professional style with a slight edge to it. It’s because she knows how to incorporate the latest trends with classic pieces. This is exactly what I want to achieve for my own wardrobe and Dana is helping me do this.

Dana has helped me with a “spring clean” of my winter clothes. She has helped me shop for my first cocktail dress (yes, I did say first) for a black tie optional event; I ended up with two dresses that I love! And she has helped me put together outfits with the spring and summer clothes I already have. We are getting ready to do an audit of my summer wardrobe and pare it down to only the things that look great on me and that I love to wear.

Dana is like any great consultant, whether it be a CFO, interior designer, accountant or marketing company or financial advisor. Once you find someone whose skills you respect and who listens to you, it’s easy to develop a long lasting relationship with that person. It was obvious to me that Dana Lynch wants me as a life-long client when she spent her own time gathering information from me before selecting the dresses that the two of us would try on days later. It was also obvious when, after choosing the cocktail dress I was going to wear, that Dana again spent her own time discussing jewelry that would go with the dress. I could go on about how she gives of herself because she is invested in long term relationships but why not see for yourself how Dana can help you take your wardrobe to the next level?

Rebecca Kirchdorfer, Co-owner, Colorado Women’s Chamber Board Member

Robin Peglow“What I love about working with you…”

I just wanted to send a huge thanks for all your help on recrafting and fine-tuning my “image”. After recently going through some big life changes and wanting a new level of success in my business, the timing was perfect for me to meet you!

Being that I’ve never been one for fashion, previously an outdoor-girl, Birkenstock gone Nine West, my clothing has been okay and I have gotten by, somehow. What I love about working with you, is the time you take to help me understand what best flatters me in terms of styles, cuts, lines, patterns and materials. It never occurred to me the distinction a mere material could make in creating a professional look.

And, having a bit of the bohemian left in me, I am thrilled to discover all the creative, non cookie-cutter versions of suit coats and inspired combinations that are unique, classy, professional, feminine, yet powerful. Who would have known?
So thank you for demystifying fashion and how to pull together unique combinations. Thanks for being so encouraging and positive in your feedback that it made me want to find clothing that is dazzling on me, rather than bemoaning it as a torturous process. I am loving it! Not that I will ever be an all-day shop-a-holic or spend hours poring over the newest trends (I’ll leave that to you), I actually, surprisingly, found this to be a lot of fun. On top of that, I feel fabulous, and apparently look fabulous too (or so I’ve been told!)

Thanks so very much!

Robin Peglow, M.A., H.H.C., Integrative Life Coach

Michelle Kelly“The information she provided has been invaluable!”

Personal service, helpful information, creativity, and fun—expect all of these when working Dana Lynch of Elements of Image. My experience with Dana was wonderful. I first did a closet audit with her and was able to put together a few new outfits from my existing wardrobe. Dana identified a few other key pieces of clothing and accessories that I should add to my wardrobe to expand my options even further. At the end of this, I received a four-page report detailing her observations of my style, my existing clothes, new items to add to my wardrobe, and other tips for shopping and buying clusters of clothes. The information she provided has been invaluable!

Based on my closet audit experience I decided to give her personal shopping service a try. We met beforehand to discuss my goals, my shopping budget, and review my likes and dislikes. It was great to go shopping and have clothes already picked out for me to try on. Dana selected clothing that met my goals yet fit my personal style. The items she suggested I try on were unique and different from anything else in my wardrobe, which was also important to me. I liked everything she picked out and was able to put some great outfits together within my budget. Dana really took the stress out of shopping for me and made it fun!

If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut with your wardrobe, Dana can put some excitement back in it. Or, if you’re like me and don’t like to shop, I highly recommend her personal shopping service—Dana makes shopping fun! I learned so much from her — information I use everyday when I’m getting ready to meet with prospects and clients. I can’t wait for Dana to go shopping for me again!

Michelle R.W. Kelly, President & CEO, Empowering Performance, Inc. (EPI)

Sandy Purdy new“I have saved money with Dana by making good choices!”

I have been a client of Dana Lynch’s for about a year now. I first met her at the October 2007 American Society of Women Accountants meeting in which she was a guest speaker. I was impressed with her presentation and on that same night, I signed up for a wardrobe consultation and personal shopping assistance. It has been a tremendous and fun experience for me. It has also been such a relief to have knowledgeable assistance with my wardrobe that needed major overhauling to achieve the professional woman’s look that I was after. I now receive many compliments from others in the office and have also noticed some of the younger women beginning to imitate me by dressing more professionally than they have in the past. I can get dressed in the morning with confidence and ready to face my day knowing that when it comes to appearance, I am projecting the image of a well dressed professional business woman.

In the fall of 2007, Dana began with an assessment of my wardrobe preferences and needs so she could understand what I wanted to achieve. She also assisted me a bit as I was still trying to figure it all out myself. We then went through my closet for my work wardrobe and kept only those items that fit in with the new image I wanted to project. A shopping spree was then scheduled in which Dana shopped ahead and all I had to do was meet her at the department store and go straight to the dressing room to try on the many clothes she had preselected. This was the really fun part. Dana was right there with me and would assess whether the item I was trying on looked right for me not only in style but that it fit appropriately. I went home with a new wardrobe that I could wear with confidence.

Since then, I have had two more shopping experiences with Dana, spring and fall of 2008. Dana and I have continued to enhance my wardrobe by adding jewelry, shoes, blouses, and a couple of suits. I especially appreciate having a critical eye on what I am trying on to make sure it is really right for me and the image I want to project. I told her that this one of the most important aspects to me, to have someone with expertise carefully assess before I buy a particular item. I think I have saved money by this entire process by making good choices rather than buying items that were not right for me in both fit and style and then later regretting the purchase.

Sandy Purdy, CPA