What Clients are Saying

testimonial for Dana LynchYou’ve made my life easier!

I can’t put into words how happy I am with the investment I made for your services for wardrobe consultation and development! You are a godsend! Your help with my wardrobe has already made my life MUCH easier—whether it’s just here at my home office or when I’m attending meetings out of town. I really appreciate your assistance!

Martha Brown, Large Business Owner

“Putting together an outfit in the morning is no longer a chore.”

Fashion and clothing has never been my thing – there are so many other ways I would rather spend my time! Yet there came a time in my career when I realized that to be viewed as a top tier professional, I needed to walk into a room in a more commanding way, including my clothing. I was looking for a way to look put-together and professional, while still being my happy self, and Dana made that both easy and fun!

Putting my outfit together in the morning is no longer a chore, and I don’t second-guess my shoes or accessories. The outfits just work. I look and feel great, and get compliments on how “put-together” I look. I also love that Dana isn’t afraid to express an opinion – if something just isn’t flattering on you, she’ll tell you, while also suggesting a piece that would be a better choice.

Samantha L., Non-profit management

“Dana is stunning with the jewelry. She does it all!”

Kathy L., Sales Executive

“I would highly recommend you invest in yourself.”

I have worked with Dana for a couple of years, and I now have a closet of clothes that I love and therefore I wear them all! It’s great having variety, and my book of outfits is so helpful when putting together my outfit for the day. Dana is fun to work with, honest (in a very nice way), and really knows her stuff! I would highly recommend you invest in yourself and work with Dana – it will make getting dressed (and feeling great about you look) a breeze.

Chris S., Chief Financial Officer

“I immediately made sure to get on Dana’s calendar.”

37700_1542781933146_6712486_nI love Dana Lynch! It’s been a few years since I’ve worked with her because once we put together my what’s appropriate to wear for 40+ mom of 3 and still reflect my style wardrobe, life didn’t really change.

After making a transition from a 26 year career in the fitness industry to a high visibility position with a major non-profit, I knew my wardrobe was not going to be 80% workout gear anymore. I immediately made sure to get on Dana’s calendar. It was fun working with Dana to get clothing that balanced out my closet a bit more. If you have any wardrobe goals for 2016, Dana would be a great person to contact.

Joy Murphy, from fitness professional to non-profit advocate

“Dana has cured my shopping blues.”


5I had one of those birthdays with a zero at the end. I had also built a successful business and felt like how I showed up did not match the quality of my work and my personal style.   Add to that I always felt I was missing the “girl gene” for shopping and picking clothes. I knew something had to change and I did not know how to fix it on my own. Thank goodness for Dana! Dana has taught me so much in such a short time.

Her approach to learning about me and my style was fun and got us to my desired look quickly. I get to look more professional while keeping my laid-back style. Now when I walk into a client’s office I know my style matches my work and that makes me more confident.

It was also a huge relief to have Dana help me cull my closet. I used to dread looking in there but now it is a treat… junk is gone and I have all sorts of great options from which to choose. I believe “Dr. Dana” has cured my fear of shopping. I feel like I have the tools and knowledge to go forward and shop with confidence. I can highly recommend putting Dana on the job. Thanks Dana!

Jo Mattoon, Coach and Consultant

Ruth Brand“Working with Dana was an invigorating and super fun experience!”

I had an absolute blast filling out the pre-consultation questions, and the clothes Dana selected showed me that she had taken great care to listen to my answers.

We got an entire wardrobe of incredibly versatile things (which I would have never seen on my own) in two shopping trips. Not only that, the trips were FUN and so easy! Dana works with you in such a way that you also develop your own style profile, which is incredibly helpful when you’re out and about wondering whether or not to buy something; if you think it fits into the profile you created with Dana, great! If not, you save lots of time and lost money!

The best part is having Dana come over when you’ve bought all your new clothes.  Together we created almost 30 new outfits, complete with shoes and jewelry! We had such a blast, and I was very impressed with her creativity with putting the pieces together. Thanks, Dana, for taking the stress out of my shopping and putting the fun back into being a girl!

Ruth Brand, Opera Singer

Vicki Johnson“Dana will give you a fresh new perspective on your image.”

Working in the field of law where image is extremely important and having never had help with my wardrobe before, I decided to hire Dana Lynch …And what a great decision it was!

Although I like shopping, Dana introduced me to some new boutiques that have become my favorites. In addition to the new stores, she encouraged me to try on new styles that I might have rejected in the past but were perfect for me. These clothes have become some of my favorites!

I also appreciated Dana’s honesty and objectivity. Her only concern was that I looked great in the clothes and loved what I bought. After our shopping trip, when I was a little unsure of a dress, she encouraged me to keep it and gave me great ideas for accessorizing it. I’ve since worn the numerous times—realizing a great cost per wear!

A last highlight of working with Dana was when I showed her a sweater in my closet that I just wasn’t sure was working for me; she immediately recognized that all it needed was a slim, gold belt. On the subsequent shopping trip, the perfect belt materialized, almost magically! Along with the sweater, I’m now able to wear several things in my closet that I hadn’t been able to wear and all in different ways.

Even if you have great style and a fabulous wardrobe, I highly recommend working with Dana Lynch of Elements of Image. She’ll not only give you a fresh new perspective on your image, but she’ll show you where to shop, what to look for, and how to make sure you wear everything in your closet.

Vicki Johnson, Attorney