Annette Primrose, Geologist

“I now look younger, prettier and have a wardrobe that works for me”

Working with Dana has given me the confidence to know what looks good on me and what is appropriate to wear in various situations!   

I have an apple shape that was hard for me to dress, and after years of living and working in jeans and bulky sweaters, I desperately wanted flattering, stylish and appropriate clothes!

Dana is a joy to work with!  She’d both kind and encouraging! She listened carefully to what I wanted and the types of things I do for work and fun.  

She then helped me go through my existing wardrobe to find the items that fit my lifestyle already. I had so much more than I thought!  

After that, we went shopping!  She had clothes in my size and colors already waiting and ready to try on which made shopping so much more enjoyable.   We discussed fit, colors, and shape, which was really fun and helpful! She encouraged me to try on styles that I had never considered before and that looked awesome on me! 

Dana also found wonderful people who helped me with skin care, makeup and hair so that I look polished and pretty and appropriate for my lifestyle! Everyone was so helpful and encouraging!

I now look younger, prettier and have a wardrobe that works for me with clothes that I really like! 

When an unexpected meeting with headquarters came up, she helped me create perfect, polished business outfits.  I went to the meeting totally confident in how I looked! That new found confidence also helps me feel comfortable and at ease in social situations, knowing that I look good and am dressed appropriately.

Annette Primrose, Geologist
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