How to wear fall’s stripes

Recently I received an e-mail stating, “Nautical stripes aren’t just for spring. This time of year, the Sailor Tee is the perfect first layer. Wear it like you would a camisole.” My advice? Proceed with caution! I like the idea of nautical stripes for fall, horizontal stripes can be quite tricky. Horizontal stripes often get a bad rap, but all stripes are not created equally. The following are a few tips to help you navigate your way around stripes: Medium width, horizontal stripes like those shown (top) will work best for someone who is average height or taller who would [..] read more

Verticals are your friends

I love camouflage dressing especially right after the holidays. Here’s how to use the element of Line to help you look sleek and chic! Think of your favorite striped pants. Chances are good that they have thin, subtle stripes. Narrowly spaced, vertical stripes and lines lead the eye up and down your body, making you appear taller and thinner. Widely spaced, thick vertical stripes with great color contrast move the eye across your body making it appear wider than it is.