Classic vs. Trendy

The other day, I read the advice that to keep your closet fresh, your clothes should be 70% classic and 30% trendy. I thought this made sense, but I have a couple of tweaks. Thirty percent trendy is a pretty big chunk of your closet. Trendy clothing is extreme and won’t last more that a season or two. It could be expensive to replace 30% of your wardrobe every year! Instead, I recommend 10% trendy and 20% fashion forward. Fashion forward clothing is interesting and fun. These pieces are not necessarily classics, but you won’t look out of date wearing [..] read more

Stylish Updates for Fall

I’m always astounded how quickly time flies between my spring and fall trend reports, but here we are again! As with the last few seasons, we’re continuing to see many classic garments. However, this fall designers have gotten extra creative with colors, textures and best of all, the way they’ve combined classics with trendier pieces. Since I specialize in professional dress, I always hesitate to use the word “trend.” Adopting trends doesn’t necessarily deem you trendy. Rather, think of it as new ways of updating your look to keep things fresh! The following is just a sampling of what awaits [..] read more