How to wear wide legged pants-fall 2016

After being in the shadows of slim leg and skinny pants for several years, wide leg pants are back in fashion with a vengeance for fall 2016! Here are just a few reasons you should be happy wide legged pants are finally in style again: Wide legged pants balance your figure if you have a large bust or wide shoulders. They provide a little extra room in the thighs for your athletic legs or pear shaped figure. And best of all…wide legged and flared pants can make your legs look a mile long! Another reason to love the wide legged pant [..] read more

How to wear a midi skirt

Midi length skirts and dresses are the newest trend on the style horizon for fall 2011. If you remember these numbers from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, you may be thinking “Yikes, really?” If you don’t remember them at all, you may be ready to wear this new style with abandon. No matter which group you fall into, I encourage you to read on. Midi skirts can go terribly wrong! It’s easy to veer into “frump territory.” And it’s especially for petite women  to completely destroy the long leg line you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Somewhat similar to mini skirts, [..] read more

Flatter Your Body Type: semi-fitted tops

As you can probably guess, one of my favorite television shows is TLC’s What Not to Wear. One of Stacy and Clinton’s favorite mantras is when you wear clothes that fit your body, you look smaller. In other words, wearing loose or baggy clothes will make you look larger than you are. Within the realm of “clothes that fit your body” there are many variations. One of the fits that flatters most bodies is semi-fitted. For today’s post, I want to sing the virtues of the semi-fitted top. “Semi-fitted” is just what it sounds like. It’s not tight and it’s [..] read more