What to Wear For Valentine’s Day

I love to do posts about what to wear for Valentine’s Day. Admittedly, I’m a bit late in writing this for you to go out and pick up some new pieces (unless you want to play hooky and shop for a couple of hours!) So hopefully, you ‘ll be able to use this post to pick up a couple of pointers about how to create romantic, date outfits for this kind of in-between season. Otherwise, I hope you’ll be inspired to shop your closet a bit and create your own unique Valentine’s Day outfits. What to Wear for a Dressy [..] read more

How to Style Skirts

Over the last several years, I’ve had numerous clients claim to me, “I don’t know how to wear skirts!” After giving it some, it occurred to me that it’s because the trending style in tops is for very long lengths. To make a skirt look good proportionally for you, it’s important to steer clear of these long tops, instead opting for ones that hit no longer than mid hip. Here are several ideas to try. If you’re short waisted, crop tops may fit you in the exact right spot, just covering the top of the skirt. A sweater with a [..] read more

Too Low!

Yesterday morning I was having coffee with a good friend/business colleague. I was wearing my  new scoop neck, animal print top, (see picture.) It’s not necessarily low cut, but it’s not terribly modest, either. At one point, I was writing something down and leaning over the table a bit. I just happened to glance at my friend and noticed her eyes looking down, which promptly made me look at my top. Yep, I could see right down into it. Now I know my friend, a female, wasn’t trying to look down my shirt, but the truth is that skin and [..] read more