Work Clothing Brands You NEED to know

Work clothing brands are plentiful on the internet, but I just came across these first 2 brands brands by accident.  And both of them are the Holy Grail of impossible items to find!!  Seriously! I have tons of retailers for my 1:1 and Instant Style Clients, but I got so excited about finding these that I ditched my original blog plan and had to share these with you.  Whether you dress up for work or you’re looking for some easy business casual pieces to get you through the spring and summer, you’ll find what you need with these work clothing [..] read more

How to avoid these summer style blunders

  Ah, summer! I absolutely love summer and summer clothes. It’s so liberating to wear lightweight fabrics and fewer layers. But along with this summertime freedom often comes the quandary of just exactly which summer styles are appropriate for work. In this article I made the case for a summer suit, but what do you wear when the mercury is sky high? What are the rules these days? And how do you maintain a business professional or business casual image without melting or slipping into the too casual range? Here are a few common summer dress dilemmas and how you can approach [..] read more