My Style Goals 2018-Your Inspiration

Last week I wrote a post all about how to set your 2018 style goals. I got to thinking that it wasn’t really fair that I gave y’all a big task and I didn’t even talk about my own goals. So in case you’re looking for a little more inspiration, I thought I’d share. At the moment, I don’t have too many style goals, because I need to save a little room on my list for the rest of my ambitions. (That all might change after I dig into my closet in the next couple of weeks, lol!) My 2018 [..] read more

Style Goal Setting, Part Deux

In my last post, along with some confession, I talked about my own style goals for 2016. Hopefully, it inspired you and sparked some ideas for your goals. Of course, I know everyone has very individualized personal style and needs, so I thought I would offer up a few more ideas and questions that might help you formulate your own objectives. Style Thoughts to Ponder -Do you have any significant career changes happening in your life? For example, one of my clients, who is a mother of 3 and was a fitness instructor for 24 years, has retired from the [..] read more

Style Goal Setting 2016

When it comes to the important things in our live that we want to achieve, we set goals. So why would you just wing it when it comes to your style? Every day, potential clients tell me they want to look more put together. If that sounds like you, I urge you to do a little discovery around what that means to you. Then set style goals! In this post, I’ll share what my style goals are for 2016 and my reasoning around them. Hopefully I’ll inspire and help you get the ball rolling. Stay tuned for my next post, where I’ll pose some questions [..] read more