These boots are made for walkin’

Now that the fall winds are blowing, and the days are much shorter, it’s time to trade in our open toe shoes for fabulous, fall boots! Here are the best styles of the season to update your boot wardrobe. Boots are too casual for traditional, formal skirt suits, but they work perfectly under a pantsuit (if they’re dressy enough.) And they’re perfect for most business casual looks, and fabulous for casual after hours wear. Booties (a.k.a. ankle boots) Booties are nothing new but continue to trend stronger than ever. Looking for something new to add to your collection? Try a [..] read more

Professional Shoe trends Spring 2016

Each spring and fall I write seasonal trend reports and often separate out shoes and accessories. The latter reports usually come after the main report, but this year, because shoes seem to be what women love best, I’m bringing you the spring shoe report FIRST! Overall, spring fashion for 2016 includes almost every trend under the sun. It can be a little overwhelming, so I’ll focus on styles you can start to wear now and ones that are extra office appropriate, too! You’ll be able to realize a low cost per wear on any of these styles. Silver  Even though [..] read more

An easy Monday outfit

Today is casual Friday, and in a recent post I gave the goods on what to wear for a professional look. Why not plan what you’re going to wear on Monday? Here’s an easy to copy Monday outfit. You don’t have to have the exact pieces to copy cat this. It’s simply your inspiration. Why not add a pop of yellow with a handbag or even a new lemon laptop case! Have a great weekend and an even happier Monday!

Accessories for your wardrobe capsule

This is the fourth of a 4 part series on creating a capsule wardrobe starting with a 2 piece dress. So far we’ve looked at expanding your wardrobe with the skirt and then went on to look at all of the possibilities with a pair of pants. Knowing that accessories can often be the hardest part of creating outfits, I explained how I chose the accessories for cocktail looks and formal business combinations. Here we’ll look at choosing the accessories for business casual and casual the looks. Business Casual For this business casual look with a jacket, I decided to [..] read more

How to accessorize a mix & match wardrobe

You may or may not know this about me, but for a long period of time, I barely accessorized. Somehow, I had this crazy notion that jewelry was something I received from others as gifts (which really wasn’t the truth, except for a few pieces from my parents and friends.) Needless to say, I was under-accessorized! It wasn’t until I was preparing to take my first image consulting training class, where I had a feeling our outfits would be under scrutiny, did I start to realize the importance of choosing accessories including jewelry, shoes, and scarves. Accessories are absolutely crucial [..] read more