3 Shoe Trends That Will Make Your Legs Look Longer

If you’ve been shoe shopping at all lately, you’ve probably noticed there are tons of shoes with ankle straps and wrap around (the leg/ankle) strap shoes. As a Denver image and wardrobe consultant, my common advice for petite women and those who want to lengthen their legs is to avoid any kind of shoe (um, short of boots) that cuts your ankles. However…you can wear these new trends without immediately chopping off your legs…if you follow these tips. Two of the shoe trends I’m highlighting today are newer trends and the third is a classic, nevertheless, magical leg lengthener. Ankle wrap [..] read more

Image consultant frequently asked professional dress questions

I’m originally from Missouri, the show me state. As a result, I always want to know the reason why or why I’m not supposed to be doing something. I’ve found this holds with professional dress. Not only does it make the “fashion rule” easier to remember, but also knowing why it’s important helps you know when to break it! Before I started working as an image consultant, I was in corporate (after many years of being in the fashion world.) Once when one of my employers changed the dress code, it wasn’t very well defined, but the one rule that was [..] read more