Does Your Blouse Undermine Your Authority?

When you have to get dressed for work day after day, and especially when it’s hot weather, it may be tempting to slip on a simple cotton blouse with a pair of slacks and call it good. Unfortunately, it’s simply not enough! Specifically I’m talking about an un-accessorized outfit consisting of a fitted cotton, puffed short sleeved blouse worn on the outside of a pair of neutral colored slacks and neutral shoes. Why is it not enough? There are several reasons. First, one of the cornerstones of professional dress is layering. Instead of the blouse alone, layer it with a [..] read more

10 Fashion Tips for Tall Gals

Recently I asked my followers for blog post suggestions. My friend, Lida Citroen, asked for tips for tall gals, so to Lida and all other members of the “tall girl club,” here you go! While it’s still important to dress for your body type, most of the following tips are fairly universal for tall women. As you read, you will see that just like all other women, alterations make a huge difference in your clothing. 1.  Be proud of your tall model-like height! And to that I add, if you want to wear heels, don’t hesitate! (A small caveat might [..] read more

Living Out Loud

Last night we watched the movie “Living Out Loud,” starring Holly Hunter and Queen Latifah. While the movie was slow, the costumes were fantastic! I highly recommend it as a “fashion movie.” Holly Hunter’s character, Judith Moore, is recovering from a divorce, somewhat of a traditional “east coaster,” but interested in broadening her life. She’s lonely but goes out to a jazz club quite a bit. Her uniform is a little black dress that she wears with and without long pearls–very “Breakfast at Tiffany’s!” The movie is set in 1998, but her dress is so classic and elegant it could [..] read more