Be Stylish in Comfort

Recently someone commented on my blog asking for more tips on being gorgeous and stylish without sacrificing comfort. As a personal, fashion consultant, I can’t say enough about the importance of being comfortable at work or personal pursuits. Truly, it’s practically impossible to concentrate on anything other than your waistline when your pants are too tight. Here are a couple of tips in regard to comfort. 1. Clothes that fit well are comfortable. I know this might sound trite, but I have so many clients who tell me their professional clothes are uncomfortable. Typically, what we find out is that [..] read more

Fashion for all ages

Just within the last week, I’ve heard the comment, “I’m not a teenager anymore, but I don’t want to dress like my grandmother, either–I can’t find any clothes,” several times. I can understand how women don’t think there’s anything out there for them between the ages of 23 and 97, but really you have the largest number of chic, wardrobe options. Here are a few tips to follow for finding stylish clothing that feels appropriate for your image. Extremes in styles tend to be the trendiest. You may feel more comfortable in classic styles in modern shapes. If you prefer [..] read more

Political Candidates Dress Strategy

I wanted to take a few minutes to comment on the attire of the U.S. political candidates’ attire on Saturday night’s New Hampshire debate. As I strongly believe in the power of image–using one’s clothing and image to convey messages that one wouldn’t normally say out loud, hopefully you can pick up some pointers that might help you with your success. I want to preface these comments by saying that with the fate of our nation in these candidates’ hands, image shouldn’t be on the forefront of their minds. They have image consultants (or should) to think about and advise [..] read more