Pearls, professional dress and fun facts

As I discussed at great length in this post on the pearl jewelry trend for 2016, not only are pearls versatile and great for professional dress, they’re also the birthstone for June. If you’re a not a real pearl girl, I encourage you to read this post and the prior post, as the current trend isn’t grandma’s pearls anymore. (But if you have nana’s pearls, hang on to them…they may be valuable.)  There’s truly a pearl style for everyone! Here are some fun facts, things to consider when investing in pearls, and how to care for them: The origin of pearls dates back [..] read more

Jewelry: What to Wear for a Professional Image

As an image consultant, I often get asked in regard to professional dress, “how much jewelry is too much.” The amount of jewelry you wear at any one time can be different for professional dress and every day dress. The main goal of professional dress is to create a memorable image without any distractions. The following are some tips to help you decide what to wear and what not to wear: Earrings, necklaces, pins and scarves help draw attention to your face, where you always want it for business. When your face is the focal point, your message is much [..] read more

How to wear necklaces if you’re busty!

Strands of pearls and long necklaces are ever so stylish right now. However as an image, wardrobe and style consultant, I’ve consulted with a few bigger busted women who just aren’t sure if these necklaces will complement them. Without a doubt, you can wear necklaces…use the following tips to wear necklaces to add to not only your personal style, but your professionalism to boot! When it comes to long necklaces, you need chunky styles and those with multiple strands. Single strands and delicate chains with pendants will just fall into your cleavage-not where you want attention for business. If your [..] read more