What to wear for a political debate

What should the first female presidential candidate for a major political party wear to the first televised debate? Exactly what Hillary Clinton wore last night. As the debate approached I wondered what Hillary would wear to put herself in the very best light. It’s no secret her attire has been under public scrutiny for years, and I was curious if she’d mix it up a little. No, no big “costume” change, but I believe her strategic dress last night was exactly what she needed for her goals. Typically, men in the political arena wear dark suits with white shirt’s and [..] read more

The cardigan: to wear or not to wear

As a wardrobe consultant specializing in professional dress, let me start this post by saying, I like cardigans. They’re soft; they’re warm; they’re cozy! And let’s face it; they’re a lot more comfortable than tailored jackets. But all of those wonderful qualities are the problem. Cardigans are the opposite of a jacket. They’re un-tailored! Tailored…un–tailored…I’m sure you’re thinking, so what! I specialize in helping my clients make the best choices of clothing to send out the best non-verbal messages possible for every occasion and goal they have. (I have extensive training in non-verbal communication relating to clothing and image. It’s what [..] read more

Personal branding from the inside out

You’ll be surprised to hear me say this, but… What’s on the inside is what really counts. I mean the term image consultant may conjure up the idea that I help women create an image or perhaps a visible false façade that simply has to do with looks or the outside. Nothing could be further than the truth! As the premier wardrobe and image consultant in Denver, Colorado, when I start working with a client, one of the first things I’ll ask is “How do you want to feel in your clothes?” I also find out what people already know [..] read more

Do you love your wardrobe?

One of the things I emphasize to my friends and clients is that it is crucial that you love each and every item in your wardrobe. How can you love your wardrobe if you don’t love everything in it? If “love” seems a little extreme and you’d rather save it for your husband, family and friends, how about replacing “love” with “thrilled”? Can you imagine getting ready for work every morning, (or wherever you’re going,) and opening your closet and instead of groaning, you looked inside and were thrilled as all get out at what was inside? What would it [..] read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Professional Dress: What Every Employer and Employee Should Know

October 27, 2009 4-6 p.m. What can employers ask you to wear and what should you wear?  Interviewing for a job and dressing for success is stressful.   When you pick one outfit or another, you are sending a message.  And, whether you like it or not, employers are receiving that message.  This seminar will provide helpful tips and tricks for assembling professional attire that will help you convey the image you are looking for. We’ll also provide a quick summary of the employer’s point of view.  Employers speak to the world through their employees, and they want to set the [..] read more