Culottes, a Tricky, New Wardrobe Basic

  I’ll admit it! Back in the ‘70’s (when I was still a kid) this fashion stylist hated culottes or as they were called back then, gauchos! With a passion! And in the early 2000’s when the knit culottes, glorified pj pants, were the rage, I again couldn’t wait for the trend to be over. But today’s culottes? I love them! They feel and are being worn completely differently than the previous styles. They’re often referred to as wide legged cropped pants, and often what you find in the stores seem a bit long. I almost always have my clients [..] read more

How to wear ankle boots for a professional image

While ankle boots (a.k.a. booties) are not a completely new trend, they’re hotter than ever this year. But it seems many women see booties as trendy and less professional. To the former, they’ve certainly been around long enough to show they’re fashionable, but not trendy. To the latter, ankle boots with skirts may not be the way to go if you work in an extremely conservative office, but they’re a great updated and stylish option for casual and business casual environments. Here are a few different ways to wear ankle boots to refresh your wardrobe: Wearing an ankle boot with [..] read more

How to wear a midi skirt

Midi length skirts and dresses are the newest trend on the style horizon for fall 2011. If you remember these numbers from the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, you may be thinking “Yikes, really?” If you don’t remember them at all, you may be ready to wear this new style with abandon. No matter which group you fall into, I encourage you to read on. Midi skirts can go terribly wrong! It’s easy to veer into “frump territory.” And it’s especially for petite women  to completely destroy the long leg line you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Somewhat similar to mini skirts, [..] read more

Skirts: Long, Short, or Somewhere in Between?

My favorite thing about skirts is that I’m not limited to one heel height. If you know me, are a client or have been reading my e-Style Tip or Blog for very long, you know I’m a real stickler for pant length. If you want your pants to be long enough, you can vary your heel height minimally at best. On the other hand,  a basic skirt can be worn with the highest of heels for an edgy look and with flats for a more casual feel. While skirt length isn’t nearly as precarious as pant length, exploring  what skirt [..] read more