Living Out Loud

Last night we watched the movie “Living Out Loud,” starring Holly Hunter and Queen Latifah. While the movie was slow, the costumes were fantastic! I highly recommend it as a “fashion movie.” Holly Hunter’s character, Judith Moore, is recovering from a divorce, somewhat of a traditional “east coaster,” but interested in broadening her life. She’s lonely but goes out to a jazz club quite a bit. Her uniform is a little black dress that she wears with and without long pearls–very “Breakfast at Tiffany’s!” The movie is set in 1998, but her dress is so classic and elegant it could [..] read more

How to flatter a curvy, aka hour-glass, figure

The other day when I was pre-shopping for a client, a woman in her late teens or early 20’s struck up a conversation with me. (This is precisely why I only charge for two hours of pre-shopping.) The woman was very sweet and proceeded to tell me that she used to wear a size 8. Now she wears a size 18 and just doesn’t know how to dress her body anymore. She had a curvy figure, which is really just a euphemism for an hourglass figure, as you can see below. We’ve heard for years that the hour glass figure [..] read more

Too Much Black!

The other day when I was giving a presentation, a woman asked me the question, “How can I stop myself from continually buying black?” She had prefaced the question by telling me that she has tons of black clothes in her closet, and she always intend to buy other colors when she shops. But then she always comes home with black. Me, in all black, with my friends Shelley and Corrinda. See how pretty Corrinda looks in pink! I had built a good rapport with the group, so I casually answered her, “Have someone follow you around the store with [..] read more


I’m so excited that dresses are so hot this season! I know it all started with the wrap dress, which I never really got around to, not to mention I can’t afford the DVF’s. But there is quite a plethora of dresses on the fall market. I wore dresses as a little girl, but they were gone from fashion for years. The thing is…they’re so easy. One piece…pop it on and out the door you go! But back up one moment. You still need accessories. The great thing is, though as with the “little black dress,” or LBD, you can [..] read more