The Little Not-So-Black Dress

Last Saturday when I asked a client if she wanted an LBD (little black dress) she said, “Yes, but not the B part.” She loved the idea of such an adaptable dress for going out, but she didn’t want to get lost in the sea of black dresses she sees everywhere. I totally agreed with her and assured her she didn’t have to wear black to get the versatility she’s looking for. One of the reasons the little black dress (and black in general) is so popular is that it’s easy and not completely memorable like some other colors. But [..] read more

The myth of the little black dress

I’ll assume you’re sitting down right now, but if you’re not, you’re going to want to take a seat! I’ve got a big revelation for you about the little black dress. Very few women look good in black! To truly look your best, you want to choose shades that complement your hair, skin and eyes. That said unless you have black or very dark hair, black simply isn’t that attractive on you. I know it’s not great on me at all. Now then, I’m not telling you to get rid of every piece of black clothing in your closet, but [..] read more

The Little White Dress-Casual

For summer,  a little white dress is just as versatile as a little black dress. This casual look would be great for summer time sight seeing, lunch with friends, an afternoon of (white) wine tasting, etc. If neutrals aren’t your thing, simply swap the accessories shown for more vibrant colors. Don’t like hats? Swap it for a fun scarf or headband to keep your hair off your face when the temperatures soar. If you’re not comfortable wearing white, check out what you can do with a little blue dress! Now that it’s finally warming up, you may be realizing your [..] read more

The Little Blue Dress

Sure, everyone knows the power of the little black dress, but what about the little blue dress, or the little white dress or the little lime green dress? A somewhat basic dress in almost any solid color can prove itself to be the chameleon we know as the little black dress. Let’s start with the little blue dress. Both a client and I coincidentally own this ocean blue, organic cotton knit dress from Coquette. (In real life, it’s the color is more saturated and it’s a little longer.) However, we wear it completely differently. Last week, I helped her create [..] read more

Little White Dress

I have been touting white all season now, and I absolutely love the “Little White Dress.” On the right is the picture of mine–I’ve had it four years and have worn it several times. Just like a little black dress, one can truly do almost anything with a white dress. I did silver and crystal with it in this picture, but for my High School Reunion this weekend, I am pairing it with gold leather platform sandals and gold jewelry. I’m off to find a handbag. Gold might seem the natural choice, but that is just a bit too “matchy [..] read more