How to wear ankle boots for a professional image

While ankle boots (a.k.a. booties) are not a completely new trend, they’re hotter than ever this year. But it seems many women see booties as trendy and less professional. To the former, they’ve certainly been around long enough to show they’re fashionable, but not trendy. To the latter, ankle boots with skirts may not be the way to go if you work in an extremely conservative office, but they’re a great updated and stylish option for casual and business casual environments. Here are a few different ways to wear ankle boots to refresh your wardrobe: Wearing an ankle boot with [..] read more

Weekend Layering

As a wardrobe and image consultant, I specialize in professional dress, but I almost always work with my clients on their casual wardrobes once we’ve gotten their work clothes in order. Here’s a trend I’ve been seeing  a lot in the magazines lately—shirt dresses worn open over a top and pants all topped by a cute casual jacket. I love the idea of this casual shirt dress; it can be worn so many ways: -Duster style as mentioned above. -Belted and buttoned over a camisole and leggings with or without a jacket. -As a tunic over jeans or cropped pants [..] read more