Dressing for Four Seasons in One Day

As an addendum to How to Dress in an Arctic Office, I’d like to talk about layering when you’re not working in an office, but you’d still like to maintain a great presence when the temperatures vary vastly throughout the day. For example, how do you dress when you start your day starts at a cool 60°, then the temperatures swell to desert highs? Again, layering! If you haven’t had the chance to read the last post on this topic, I’d mentioned that “layering” is such a buzz word, but it seems to leave us a little baffled unless we’re [..] read more

How to Dress for an Arctic Office

Recently several clients and friends have asked me how to deal with dressing in the summer with the vastly varying temperatures either going from: -Arctic office conditions to sweltering desert heat outside or -Starting the day off at a cool 65°F in the morning with the mercury rising to 95°F in the afternoon. While we’ve all heard that layering is crucial especially in Colorado, it can often be a bit of a nebulous concept that usually brings winter sports to mind versus dressing for an office day, out and about seeing clients, or even keeping up with the kids. In [..] read more

Stylish Updates for Fall

I’m always astounded how quickly time flies between my spring and fall trend reports, but here we are again! As with the last few seasons, we’re continuing to see many classic garments. However, this fall designers have gotten extra creative with colors, textures and best of all, the way they’ve combined classics with trendier pieces. Since I specialize in professional dress, I always hesitate to use the word “trend.” Adopting trends doesn’t necessarily deem you trendy. Rather, think of it as new ways of updating your look to keep things fresh! The following is just a sampling of what awaits [..] read more