The Most Wearable Trends for Spring 2019

It’s that time again…time for my annual Spring Trends Report! As always, I’m bringing you wearable spring trends! I find that so many of spring’s trends are suited a little more for summer. And quite honestly, more this year than in several years past, the styles have seemed really extreme. So this personal stylist has gone to work for you, translating what’s on the runway to actual wearable styles you can consider to inject the perfect amount of freshness into your spring wardrobe. Of course, I specialize in helping women with their professional work wardrobes, I also help them feel [..] read more

Yes, matching sets are back for spring/summer 2015

Matched sets really take me back to the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. Quite honestly, I think the concept is so brilliant, I don’t know why they ever went away. I totally remember my favorite matched set (among several) I had in the late ‘80’s, a rayon tank top and sarong style skirt I wore to a wedding and remember wearing for several years. (I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit today had I kept it, and I’m pretty sure the fabric would be rotten by now, lol!) Essentially, a matched set is exactly what it sounds like…a top and bottom that are [..] read more