Jeans for everyone!

We love our jeans. Whether you wear jeans for work, weekend or going out on the town, the following tips are sure to help you find a fabulous fit and love your jeans (and the way you look in them!) For the apple shaped woman (slim legs with weight in tummy and chest,) look for a higher rise with straight legs or wide legs, such as trouser jeans. For the triangle figure type: look for a contoured waist to prevent gaping. Straight legs or boot cut jeans with a dark wash are best. For the rectangular body type: lots of [..] read more

Classic vs. Trendy

The other day, I read the advice that to keep your closet fresh, your clothes should be 70% classic and 30% trendy. I thought this made sense, but I have a couple of tweaks. Thirty percent trendy is a pretty big chunk of your closet. Trendy clothing is extreme and won’t last more that a season or two. It could be expensive to replace 30% of your wardrobe every year! Instead, I recommend 10% trendy and 20% fashion forward. Fashion forward clothing is interesting and fun. These pieces are not necessarily classics, but you won’t look out of date wearing [..] read more