3 Clues You’re in a Style Rut and How to Get Out

Style rut? Ya know how you sometimes you stand and look at your clothes in your closet and your mind is totally blank? The conversation bubble is completely empty?  And you have a meeting in an hour…you haven’t had coffee* yet and you have a half hour commute on a good day?  (*I mean that’s part of the reason you’re drawing the big blank, right? Or is that just me?)  You just might be in a style rut.  I realized very recently that I was in a wardrobe rut! (Yep, even a personal stylist is human on this front.)  It all [..] read more

How to Feel More Stylish in Black Pants

I’ll just say it—black pants are boring! Don’t get me wrong…I have black pants! I wear black pants. But it’s easy to get in a style rut and just throw them on with any old thing and be out the door, especially on those blah mornings. Or mornings where you’ve already tried on a few outfits that didn’t work, and finally you just have get dressed and get to work. I’m not a wardrobe consultant who will ever tell you to get rid of black pants. (Remember? I have them.) And they’re way too versatile to kick out of your [..] read more