How to choose the right earrings

Almost every woman I know has pierced ears. And there are some great new earring trends out there, and we could talk about jewelry for days, so I thought I’d start with some basics. The number one thing to keep in mind when deciding what jewelry to wear is that you only want one major focal point. In other words, you want one piece of jewelry to be your dominant “show-stopper” and the rest of your jewels are supporting players. So if… You’re wearing a statement necklace or combination of necklaces, your earrings should be a little quieter. It doesn’t [..] read more

Hoops: my go-to accessory

Hoop earrings are one of my go-to accessories. Personal style aside, as an image consultant, I recommend them as one of my “top 10 essential wardrobe items.” Like most of the other items I endorse when building a core wardrobe, hoops are basic. They can be worn with dressy or casual clothing. Mostly I love said hoops because they don’t detract from my interesting, statement necklaces. There was a time when the fashion of the day called for matching earrings and necklace set, but currently the matching look is passé. Instead of searching my jewelry wardrobe for a pair of [..] read more

Basic jewelry

With all of springs colorful clothing it’s best to downplay your jewelry and accessories. In other words, pair basic metallic and pearl jewelry with bright clothing. Or wear colorful jewelry with neutrals such as black and white. You’ll actually find that metallics are big trends in jewelry at the moment, so now is an especially good time to build or refresh your basic jewelry wardrobe. I’m not much of a “pearl girl”, but I’ve been loving this necklace: It’s modern, yet classic and basic. I personally can’t decide on the silver or the gold. I’m not the kind of image [..] read more