Carlisle On Line

If you are an avid reader of the e-Style Tip of the month, you know I am now representing Carlisle (clothing) as a virtual representative through the As an image consultant, when I was presented with the opportunity, I jumped at it. It’s such a fantastic new way to shop. You can shop online at your convenience (in you p.j.’s even) and you can get actual, expert advice on your purchases from ME! Over the past weekend, my regional manager and I showed the line and sold pieces at the Junior League of Denver’s Holiday Mart. It was fun [..] read more

Does your “costume” reflect the real you?

In movies and entertainment, costumes are designed to help the audience get a feel for who the character or performer is and what they’re like. The costumes also help set the tone for the whole movie. For example, if you were watching a movie set in the 1920’s, but all of the characters were wearing clothing from the 1960’s, you’d probably be very confused and the whole context of the film would be skewed. Another example of discord in a film is Napoleon Dynamite. The movie was supposed to be set in 2004, but most of the characters were wearing [..] read more

Shop in your closet

Let’s face it; winter is a long season in Colorado. You probably have some great pieces in your closet, but you’re sick of your outfits. Versus going out and buying for the sake of buying, my solution is for you to shop in your closet. Here are a few tips: 1. Break up your suits. Many suits that are bought together aren’t meant to be separated, but most are easily separated. Pair your pinstriped pants with a solid jacket. Wear your glen plaid jacket with a solid skirt. Play with layering in new ways. Instead of your usual shell under [..] read more

Scouting Fall Fashion

In just a few mere days, all of the Fall Fashion Preview issues of the fashion magazines will be hitting the newsstands! Admittedly, it’s a pretty exciting time of year for me. Although the magazines have been giving small glimpses of fall for most of the summer, September is when the big, thick, “bibles” hit. You may be wondering why I’m talking about this. It’s simple, one word, okay well two: Wardrobe Planning! By seeing the new trends and designer offerings, you can begin to get a good feel for what you need to update and complete your wardrobe. My [..] read more