Summer Neutrals, How to Wear Them

Perhaps you’ve been reading my blog posts and e-Style Tips lately about this spring’s trend of bright colors, and you’ve thinking “that is not for me.” You want to be stylish, but you simply don’t want your clothes to scream “look at me!”  Well, you’re in luck.  Summer neutrals such as white, ivory, beige, light gray, mocha, and khaki are just as “in” as the brights you’ve been reading about. While bright colors can be over powering and garish, neutrals stand the chance of being a little boring. Here’s how to wear neutral colors for a sophisticated, interesting image. Texture. [..] read more

Cost Per Wear Formula

In today’s age of post consumerism, the concept of cost per wear is more important than ever. In my chapter from Image Power, Shop like a Pro & Look like a Million Bucks, I offer the tip that you should only buy what you love. Certainly you’re not going to love your clothes like your children, pet or significant other, but let’s look at the concept a little closer. You want to spend time with your loved ones. So it should be with your clothes that you love. On the other hand, when you buy clothes that you’re only luke [..] read more