Gift Certificates-Give the Gift of Style

It’s a time for all things bright, shining, magical…and GIFT CERTIFICATES! I’ve been offering holiday gift certificates since the birth of Elements of Image in 2004, and the holidays are the most popular time for giving gift certificates. So if you happen to be in the market for a gift certificate, you’re in the right place! And if you really want to receive a gift certificate for the holidays, you’re in the right place! A style gift certificate is the perfect gift for your wife, significant other, sister, or favorite aunty! It’s also a fab gift for you and your [..] read more

I Found a Hole!

I found a hole as I was editing or auditing my wardrobe, moving my winter clothes out and my spring things into my bedroom closet. But it wasn’t a hole in a piece of clothing. Rather I have a huge hole in my fall/winter shoe wardrobe! When I edit my closet, I take the old season’s clothes (in this case fall/winter) and put them into storage. Then I move the current (spring/summer) clothes into my working closet. I edit the items as they go out of closet A and the items coming into closet A. Essentially, I am analyzing my [..] read more

Do you love your wardrobe?

One of the things I emphasize to my friends and clients is that it is crucial that you love each and every item in your wardrobe. How can you love your wardrobe if you don’t love everything in it? If “love” seems a little extreme and you’d rather save it for your husband, family and friends, how about replacing “love” with “thrilled”? Can you imagine getting ready for work every morning, (or wherever you’re going,) and opening your closet and instead of groaning, you looked inside and were thrilled as all get out at what was inside? What would it [..] read more

Denver Image and Wardrobe Consultant video revealed

As an image consultant, wardrobe consultant, personal stylist and personal shopper, I know that taking the plunge and making the call might be intimidating. Check out my video below to learn all about my personal style philosophies and how I can help you with closet audits or edits, style assessments, personal shopping and more. I’d love to meet you!

Give the gift of style, an Elements of Image Gift Certificate

Is your significant other hinting that she’d like some help with her wardrobe? An Elements of Image gift certificate is the perfect gift! It’s easy!  Simply choose the amount you’d like to spend or the service you’d like her to have. Then contact me at 303-868-8925 or We’ll discuss her needs and your budget, and I’ll put the perfect package together to fit them both! Perhaps you’ve been hoping to work with a personal style expert for a long time. Feel free to hint around. Why not copy and paste this web site address in an e-mail to your [..] read more