How to Dress for an Arctic Office

Recently several clients and friends have asked me how to deal with dressing in the summer with the vastly varying temperatures either going from: -Arctic office conditions to sweltering desert heat outside or -Starting the day off at a cool 65°F in the morning with the mercury rising to 95°F in the afternoon. While we’ve all heard that layering is crucial especially in Colorado, it can often be a bit of a nebulous concept that usually brings winter sports to mind versus dressing for an office day, out and about seeing clients, or even keeping up with the kids. In [..] read more

Dress in Pink (Carefully) for the Cure

I belong to an organization in Denver called the Alliance of Professional Women. Quite a few members are participating in the Race for the Cure, on October 7. I was at a board meeting tonight and tomorrow is our monthly luncheon. They mentioned that the participants are going to try to wear pink to the luncheon tomorrow. It got me thinking, “hmmm…pink for business…be careful!” While I make it a practice not to make big rules about dressing, I think pink is worth talking about. The problems with pink for business are: It’s associated with Barbie. (Okay, so she’s an icon [..] read more