The cardigan: to wear or not to wear

As a wardrobe consultant specializing in professional dress, let me start this post by saying, I like cardigans. They’re soft; they’re warm; they’re cozy! And let’s face it; they’re a lot more comfortable than tailored jackets. But all of those wonderful qualities are the problem. Cardigans are the opposite of a jacket. They’re un-tailored! Tailored…un–tailored…I’m sure you’re thinking, so what! I specialize in helping my clients make the best choices of clothing to send out the best non-verbal messages possible for every occasion and goal they have. (I have extensive training in non-verbal communication relating to clothing and image. It’s what [..] read more

Be stylish and professional in this fall’s sweaters

Okay, so there’s a little hype around the headline for this article! Just so you know, I’m not suggesting you won’t be stylish in last fall’s sweaters…or even the ones from the year before! However, I do think it’s important to evaluate every part of your wardrobe, including your fall sweaters, to make sure it’s up to date, in great condition, it fits, and suggests your style recipe. Stores and online sites do a good job of showing sweaters with jeans, but how do you wear sweaters professionally? You want to be warm in your office this winter, right? Read [..] read more

What to Wear on a Snowy, Spring Day

You’re familiar with this scenario. The weather forecast calls for 65º and sunny. Your new spring outfit complete with accessories is steamed and ready to go for tomorrow. Then you wake up to cloudy skies and SNOW! Panic attack! What are you going to wear? Never underestimate the power of mid-weight basics in neutral colors. Also consider a few garments such as jackets or sweaters in mid-weight to slightly warmer fabrics in bright colors. It’s a great way to keep your sunny, spring outlook without freezing. Yes, this situation is fresh in my mind, because it’s exactly what happened last [..] read more