A Fabulous Color Scheme

I absolutely love light blue with red!  When I first spied the combination on a mannequin in the window of Garbarini, it was too early in the season to start thinking about it. (And if you read my blog post about red jeans, you might be interested to know I haven’t found them yet. Really need to get on that!) Now I’m inspired! Usually when we think of light blue clothing, we’re thinking of pastels, a bit grandmotherly. Most of my clients make note on their personal  style homework that they dislike pastels; however this jacket shown, although pastel, is [..] read more

How to Dress for an Arctic Office

Recently several clients and friends have asked me how to deal with dressing in the summer with the vastly varying temperatures either going from: -Arctic office conditions to sweltering desert heat outside or -Starting the day off at a cool 65°F in the morning with the mercury rising to 95°F in the afternoon. While we’ve all heard that layering is crucial especially in Colorado, it can often be a bit of a nebulous concept that usually brings winter sports to mind versus dressing for an office day, out and about seeing clients, or even keeping up with the kids. In [..] read more

Get Your Ice Cream and Other Spring Colors!

Butter Cream, Lavender Sorbet, Strawberry, Peach Melba—Close your eyes and envision these ice cream colors. Now open the pages of your favorite magazine or better yet, walk into your favorite store and you’ll find these sumptuous colors and more. If you’ve been yearning to add more color into your mostly neutral wardrobe, this is the year. For several recent seasons, the fashion industry told us color was back in style, but there still wasn’t much in the stores. Well, it’s finally here. Choose from the updated pastels mentioned above along with almost every bright color you can think of. Wondering [..] read more

The Power of Basics

I can’t say enough about the power and ease of basics. Basics are the pieces in your wardrobe that are simple and provide a canvas for the more exciting, detailed, or decorated pieces. I’ll share a personal story to illustrate. The other day I was pre pre-shopping and made a little purchase for myself, the sweater to the right. I couldn’t wait to wear my new sweater the next day, but I was in a bit of a hurry when I was dressing. So, I looked for some basics to pair it with. I ended up with a black pencil [..] read more

Parisian Suits

Even though most of the women I saw in Paris were dressed in a business casual mode, a few days into my trip, I saw a few women in suits. They were traditional pantsuits with an interesting twist. The women tied sweaters around their necks as was the popular ‘80’s style here in the U.S. The sweaters they were sporting around their necks appeared to be very slim styles made of very smooth, lightweight knits, probably cotton/silk blends. The few that I saw were light colors and were very carefully placed, folded and tucked just so, so that the sweater [..] read more