5 Outfit Ideas for a Professional Valentine’s Day Look

Valentine’s Day is almost here! I love dressing up for work even though this year it’s on Saturday…So if you like dressing for it, start planning now for Friday the 13th. Yikes, we better wear pink and red to ward off the bad luck that day, right? Even if you’re not superstitious, dressing in colors of the love holiday can brighten your spirits. Today, I want to give you some ideas for color combinations you might already have in your closet and never thought of wearing. First, tomato red and blush pink makes a much unexpected color combination. I’m seeing [..] read more

Burgundy: A Fall 2011 sneak peek

Burgundy, wine, dark rose, claret and almost any other shade of red imaginable showed up as a big hit at the Fall 2011 runway shows. Of these hues, burgundy will be especially popular, and for good reason. Burgundy, in all of its shades, both warm or cool, is an easy color for most women to wear. The industry is even saying “Burgundy is the new black.” To this I say, “Yeah!” I absolutely love burgundy! And I particularly love the mini trend, color scheme of burgundy, black and white/ivory. According to Lucky Magazine, it’s “crisp, sophisticated, and ultra-lush.” Because most [..] read more