Interview Outfits, Creating a Memorable Image

There are certainly a lot of rules about what to wear when you’re interviewing for a job. The aspect that often gets overlooked is the fact that it’s crucial to create a memorable aspect of your appearance. Especially if a firm is interviewing tons of candidates, such as law firms and accounting firms, creating  something memorable about your image  can help you stand out in the crowd. Of course, your resume is crucial and so are your answers and conduct, but wearing something the interviewers can remember you by is an additional way to stand out in the sea of [..] read more

Does Your Blouse Undermine Your Authority?

When you have to get dressed for work day after day, and especially when it’s hot weather, it may be tempting to slip on a simple cotton blouse with a pair of slacks and call it good. Unfortunately, it’s simply not enough! Specifically I’m talking about an un-accessorized outfit consisting of a fitted cotton, puffed short sleeved blouse worn on the outside of a pair of neutral colored slacks and neutral shoes. Why is it not enough? There are several reasons. First, one of the cornerstones of professional dress is layering. Instead of the blouse alone, layer it with a [..] read more

Get Your Ice Cream and Other Spring Colors!

Butter Cream, Lavender Sorbet, Strawberry, Peach Melba—Close your eyes and envision these ice cream colors. Now open the pages of your favorite magazine or better yet, walk into your favorite store and you’ll find these sumptuous colors and more. If you’ve been yearning to add more color into your mostly neutral wardrobe, this is the year. For several recent seasons, the fashion industry told us color was back in style, but there still wasn’t much in the stores. Well, it’s finally here. Choose from the updated pastels mentioned above along with almost every bright color you can think of. Wondering [..] read more