Trend Alert: How to Wear Wide Belts

Y’all told me you love posts about trends and how to wear them, so… Belts! Specifically, wide belts will be a big accessory trend for 2020. I know the thought of wearing a belt makes many of you cringe, but before you click out of this tab, here’s the thing… ANYONE can wear a wide belt, it’s all in how you wear it for your body type. Today I’m sharing how any body type can wear a wide belt, even if you’re short waisted. I’m short waisted and don’t have a lot of room on my torso for belts,  but [..] read more

How to wear belts even if you think you can’t wear belts

Belts are both a stylish and polished, professional accessory with Judo and Obi belts being 2 of the very biggest trends for spring of 2015. I know what you’re thinking… “I can’t wear belts!” The truth is…wait for it…everyone can wear belts! It’s really just a matter of wearing the right belt for your body type in the right way. (Just so you know, you can toss those belts you have hanging in the back of your closet that you wore in belt loops back in the eighties and nineties—that’s not what we’re talking about.) Read on to learn how [..] read more

Stylish Updates for Fall

I’m always astounded how quickly time flies between my spring and fall trend reports, but here we are again! As with the last few seasons, we’re continuing to see many classic garments. However, this fall designers have gotten extra creative with colors, textures and best of all, the way they’ve combined classics with trendier pieces. Since I specialize in professional dress, I always hesitate to use the word “trend.” Adopting trends doesn’t necessarily deem you trendy. Rather, think of it as new ways of updating your look to keep things fresh! The following is just a sampling of what awaits [..] read more