The 5 Best Boots for Fall 2017

Boots and booties have been the “it” shoe for fall many years running, so you probably have your basics in place. Instead of simply updating, adding, or replacing your same basics, this year’s boot styles allow for ultimate newness in your fall wardrobe. The thing I’m loving the most about this fall’s boot trend is the availability at all price points! Often times, when a trend is newer, you’ll only find it at very high prices. But this year, you can find any of the styles I’m showing from very low pricing to over $1000 (um, pretty high in my [..] read more

Best boots to buy for fall 2015

Shoes can be the trickiest part of an outfit to get right, and since I know women absolutely love shoes and boots, I want to help make this easier for you. In addition to the confusion shoes present, there are several new boots to add into your fall/winter wardrobe mix. Here are some ways to wear them all! Over the knee boots Over-the-knee (no, not thigh high) boots aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’ve been wearing riding boots for years and feel like you need a change, they’re great. They’re truly best with skinny jeans and leggings for [..] read more

How to wear ankle boots for a professional image

While ankle boots (a.k.a. booties) are not a completely new trend, they’re hotter than ever this year. But it seems many women see booties as trendy and less professional. To the former, they’ve certainly been around long enough to show they’re fashionable, but not trendy. To the latter, ankle boots with skirts may not be the way to go if you work in an extremely conservative office, but they’re a great updated and stylish option for casual and business casual environments. Here are a few different ways to wear ankle boots to refresh your wardrobe: Wearing an ankle boot with [..] read more