Shop Online Like a Pro!

Do you hate online shopping? Or do you just have bad luck with your purchases?

I realize not everyone is shopping right now, but you know me…always an optimist, and I know things are going to get better.

If you are doing some online shopping here and there, you’ll appreciate these tips. As stores are starting top open up in a few parts of the country, what I’m hearing is that the selections in the brick and mortar stores are very slim. So we may be forced to online shop whether we like it or not, so…

Here are 3 quick tips for buying clothes online that will improve your success and the percent of things you keep.

Shop Online Like a Pro!

Follow tip #2 and you can guarantee you’ll wear your new item…it won’t just hang in your closet. Your closet and wallet will thank you.

I hope you liked these tips! Let me know if you have any questions or comments down below. And if you have a super secret weapon tip for shopping online, we’re all ears!

Let me know if you’re interested in a virtual consultation, and I’ll help you make the very best choices shopping online! Click here to schedule a free initial zoom consultation, and I’ll give you the full scoop!

Before You Go…

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4 comments on “Shop Online Like a Pro!

  1. Great idea about ordering two of the same items in different sizes. Yes, sizes are all over the place!

  2. My favorite way to shop online is to first have a virtual consultation with Dana about items that I’m looking for to compliment my current wardrobe needs. Then Dana creates a personal Good Pics link (complete with pictures of the items) so I can just click on the items and order! Dana even gives me size suggestions because she knows the brands. Thanks, Dana, for making my online shopping so easy!

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