How Virtual Styling Works

I know that virtual styling can seem kind of nebulous. It was for me at the very beginning, too! So today I thought I’d explain and show you exactly how my virtual styling services work.

And by the way, even if I’m working with a client in person, I end up finding a lot of things virtually to round out their closets.

First off, what makes my virtual styling services different from a lot of what’s offered online (like Stitch Fix, etc.) is that they’re very high touch. 

Ok, so not literally…not gonna touch ya through the computer, LOL (Cracking myself up over here…) 

What I mean about high touch is that even though we’re working virtually, you get me. It’s personalized! You never have to wonder if a computer is choosing the clothes for you—It’s all me! 

But it occurred to me the other day that it could still be a mystery as to how all of this styling happens virtually. You know…without having me with you…without being at a store. 

SO…today I’m layin’ it all out for you! Check out the video and I’ll show you all of my magic! 

If you’ve been reading my blog for any time at all, you’ll know I’m the queen of prefacing, so one thing before we get started…

This post and video show how my Instant Style package works, but truly I’ve been working with my in-person clients in a hybrid kind of way, and what I’m showing you here is just the tip of the iceberg of how we can work together virtually. 

How Virtual Styling Works…

(In case you’re not a video kind of gal…)

  • You receive an intake form via Google Docs, so you can give me all of your deets. 
  • Next we meet on Zoom to create your Style Recipe and shopping list just like we would in person. 
  • Next the fun starts. I use the Goodpix extension that allows me to “clip” the clothes and accessories…a little along the lines of Pinterest but better. 
  • All of the things I’ve clipped appear in the Goodpix platform, where I then create shoppable style boards for you. 
  • Have you ever wished you could have your own personal fashion magazine? Your client micro-site is just like one. 
  • Your micro-site is where all your choices live. When you’re ready to shop, all you have to do is click the item and it takes you right to the retailer’s site where you can pop it in your cart! 

Today’s post is all about the kind of “techie” part of Virtual Styling, the part that was a little hard to visualize. 

I love the technology of it all, but what I love even more is how we meet on Zoom, have a fun relationship and you end up with new clothes you’ll be super excited to wear! 

If you want to explore this route with me feel free to contact me or schedule a time to chat. 

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