How to Make Shopping for Pant A BREEZE!

If you hate shopping for pant, you’ll love my video tips, How to Make Shopping for Pants a Breeze!

When I work with my clients, I always ask them what item of clothing they struggle with the most to find when they shop. The majority, by a landslide tell me it’s pants. So I thought I’d share my very best tips for how to make shopping for pants much, much easier.

Retailers, at least brick and mortar stores, don’t make it easy to shop. If you know these tips, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress. Check out the video below for all the deets! I encourage you to watch it, but if you’re in a big hurry, I’ve got them listed down below the video.

How to Make Shopping for Pants a Breeze!

  1. Know your body type and its variations.
  2. Enlist a salesperson to help you find pants that will fit your shape and size, i.e. curvy fit, petite, tall, etc. OR if you’re shopping online, consult the Ultimate Shop Your Shape Guide, that I’ll be releasing soon!
  3. Try stores you might not normally patronize, perhaps stores that don’t really cater to your personal style.
  4. Use alterations to get a perfect fit…they’re normal!
  5. Consider made-to- measure or semi-custom pants. They’re not nearly as expensive as you might think!

Check out Balodana, a super cool made to measure clothing company. Use the coupon code DanaLynchStyles for a 10% discount. (I may make a small commission, but you get a discount, too!)

And if you want even more ways to make shopping easier, check out this post! 

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