Charge Up Your Style with Your Power Color

Power color…What’s she talking about?!

Picture this…

Ever walked into a BIG meeting, your suit sharp as a razor, ready to seize the day…but somehow the day seizes you instead?

Did you know your clothing choices, especially color, might’ve  played a role? What?! 

Your Power Color is so much more than just eye candy!

It influences our emotions, reactions, and even decision-making abilities. There’s truth in the phrases we use to describe our moods/emotions…feeling blue, seeing red, green with envy, and so on.

Now imagine channeling this power for your next board meeting or job interview.  Here’s a peek at how different colors can power you up:

Charge Your Look with Your Power Color

  • Blue: The color of calm, trust, and stability. Reach for a navy suit when you want to project reliability and professionalism. Just be careful not to drown in the sea of blue in every corporate setting!
  • Red: It’s BOLD! Red is the color of passion, action and power. An accessory or blouse in this fire color can show your confidence and ambition. (Psst…got a date after work? Red’s a great choice-men love red!)
  • Green: A soothing color, it’s often associated with growth and creativity. A touch of green can suggest innovation, making it perfect for when you’re pitching a groundbreaking idea!
  • Grey: Not as somber as black, grey is your go-to for balance and neutrality. It can be seen as a little boring (sometimes) so be sure to go for grey in interesting styles.

Next, let’s add a few more colors to the mix. Each color can bring out different feelings and meanings. Wearing the right colors is like having power tools in your wardrobe “tool kit!”

Next Level Power Colors

  • Black: While black is often considered somber or formal, it's undeniably a color of ultimate authority. Wearing black can exude sophistication and command respect, but balance is key. To appear authoritative and still somewhat approachable, pair a black blazer with a pastel blouse to soften the look.
  • White: White is synonymous with cleanliness and purity. It's an excellent choice when you want to come across as honest and transparent. But beware of coffee spills! (Yeah...I never drink coffee on my commute if I'm wearing white.)
  • Yellow: Bright and sunny, yellow exudes optimism and creativity. It's perfect for adding a splash of sunshine to your work attire. Consider wearing pops of yellow to avoid a sensory overload--it can be hard to look at for a long time.
  • Purple: You've probably heard purple was the color of royalty, so purple can represent wisdom and respect. A plum scarf or amethyst necklace can add a touch of luxury to your ensemble.

You charge your phone every day (well at least I do...all or nothing 😂.) Why not learn all the power colors to charge up your wardrobe?

More Power Colors You Might Have in Your Closet:

  • Pink: There's no denying it's girly and feminine, pink can be a bold statement in the business world. It's perfect for showing off your confidence in your femininity while asserting your power. A pink blouse or scarf can be an excellent addition. Pink has come a LONG way in the business world for women. 
  • Orange: This warm, energetic color is all about enthusiasm and creativity. It's a bit bold for a suit, but as an accent - think jewelry, scarves, or even shoes - it can add a pop of energy to your outfit. (I love orange and grey!)
  • Brown: Brown exudes stability and reliability. It's a great color for items like shoes, bags, and belts, which can ground your outfit and give it a solid foundation.
  • Silver: Silver adds a touch of sleek professionalism to any outfit. It's associated with sophistication and modernity, making it perfect for accessories like jewelry, belts, or even a stylish silver pen. Gold has been the frontrunner, but silver is slowly coming back into fashion.

Remember, color is all about balance. Too much of a bold color can be overwhelming, but small splashes here and there can make a powerful statement. Play around with different combinations to find what makes you feel most powerful, confident, and ready to take on the day.

Further...Knowing how to pair colors can be just as important as the colors themselves. Here's a quick guide to some power color combinations that can create the perfect impression:

Power Color Combinations:

  • Navy and White: This classic combination is clean, professional, and exudes trustworthiness. Perfect for a big presentation or an important meeting.
  • Grey and Pastel Pink: The balance between powerful grey and gentle pink creates a feminine yet strong look. Ideal for days when you want to exhibit both compassion and command.
  • Black and Red: This is a bold, assertive combination. Red, as an accent to a mostly black outfit, conveys power and passion. Best for when you need to display a high level of confidence. I'll caution you here to consider how you feel about the could overpower you, especially if it's not your personal style to be so bold. 
  • Brown and Cream: This combo is warm and approachable. Great for networking events or social gatherings with colleagues. Brown is supposed to be having a comeback in 2023...I haven't seen much in the stores just yet.
  • Purple and Silver: Purple exudes wisdom and respect, while silver adds a touch of modernity and sophistication. This combination is perfect for leadership roles or events.

Of course, these are just a few of the countless color combinations.

These combinations are just starting points. You can play with different shades and accessories to make each combination your own. Keep in mind, it's all about how you feel in these colors and combinations, but I do encourage you to experiment with your power colors.

And voila! You're now armed with your very own color code. Now you can be as strategic with your colors as you are in your career! Remember, it’s not just about the colors, it’s about how you use them.

Need some help curating your color palette? Don't hesitate to reach out for a free initial consultation. Let's unleash the power dresser within you!

Until next time, keep it stylish and remember: the best thing you can wear is confidence!


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