What to Wear to a Networking Event to Feel Stylish & Confident and Meet Your Goals

Getting dressed for an interview is easy, right? Put on a suit, and bam, you’re done!

And you’ve fallen into a groove with what you wear to the office every day.

But what should you wear to a professional networking event that will be perfectly appropriate and make you stand out (i.e. invite others to approach you)?

The other night I attended a women’s networking event, and being new to my area I wanted to wear just the right thing to convey my style and brand and stand out.

It was hot, so a dress was a given. Dresses are way cooler in the summer! Plus, it’s one piece to put on…easy peasy! And for me, the added benefit of a dress is nothing cinching my waist. (I’ve been enjoying just a little too much wine and cheese on the patio lately.)

But which dress did I wear?

Check out the video as I explain the exact non-message each dress choice sends out and why I chose the perfect one for me. Be sure to watch to the end and see my choice. It might not be what you think!

(And y’all! This video almost didn’t get made…my equipment and wifi speed was being super wonky!! I thought the quality was okay, but it’s a little wonky too…but you can still see the dresses just fine, lol!)

Follow these tips and you’ll start choosing your outfits in a whole new, mindful way. Not only will you feel your best, but you’ll also be surprised how empowering choosing the perfect outfit can be. And…you’re sure to get compliments!

So did I choose the dress you thought I would? Let me know in the comments below.

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4 comments on “What to Wear to a Networking Event to Feel Stylish & Confident and Meet Your Goals

  1. Dana, I also chose dress 3! Love that dress on you! I’ll be in touch about Aug. appointment.

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