Transition your fall wardrobe with color

You’ve probably heard me say this before, but fall is the very hardest season for me. Most days aren’t cool enough yet for a winter sweater, yet we get this feeling simply because the calendar says “fall” and “back-to-school” that it’s too late to wear clothes in spring colors that are most likely the perfect weight.

But never fear! As a professional, wardrobe and image consultant, I’ve found a solution! First, it’s important to have plenty of basics in 3 season fabrics. And second, include a few lightweight pieces in fall colors. In other words, transition your wardrobe into fall with color!

The top 10 colors as dictated by Pantone (the gods of color,) include some neutrals and some punchier colors to bring the neutrals to life.

Riverside and Sharkskin are two neutrals suited to most women, and Potter’s Clay is a classic accent color I’ve seen in considerable amounts in the stores already.

Below are descriptions and ideas of how you can introduce them into your wardrobe for an instant update. One important note I should mention is that each designer translates Pantone’s color dictation just a little differently, so there are shades available that complement almost everyone’s skin tone.


This grey lies somewhere between charcoal and light heather grey. In other words, it’s medium, dark grey. If you’ve had any modern-classic grey pieces lurking in the back of your closet for a while, now is the time to bring them out. As always, this neutral pairs with both brights and this fall’s pastels. I like grey quite a bit better than black for most women (yours truly included.) It’s not as harsh as black and works well for those with blonde hair and light eyes.


Not so professional, but you get the idea!




The web site describes Riverside as a “cool and calming blue that is literally stuck between serious navy blue and vibrant cobalt blue.” This is an amazing color for suiting if you’re looking for something to span the season and is just a little more interesting than all of your other navy blazers. And if you’re not in the market to update your suiting, Riverside as a blouse color creates an incredibly sophisticated monochromatic color scheme when you pair it with shades of navy.




Potter’s Clay

As I wrote in my fall trend report this shade can run from pumpkin spice to russet to a bit of a cinnamon tone. It’s a great accent, but it also serves as a good neutral for boots, handbags and coats. It’s rich yet not too glaringly bright for more conservative professional environments.


Whether you choose Sharkskin, Riverside or Potter’s Clay, sticking with 3 season and lightweight fabrics will keep you looking perfectly, seasonally correct along with leaving you a perfect temperature until the leaves are all on the ground and the frost sets in.

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