Create an Outfit From the Ground Up

There are those days where you want to create an outfit for work, and you’re excited you’ve come up with something you haven’t worn before.

And then you remember, “Ugh! I’m gonna be on my feet all day.” The perfect shoes for the outfit you just created aren’t great for standing and walking for hours. Now you have to start all over.

This situation calls for creating an outfit from the ground up! Yep, you’re starting with your shoes this time.

Here’s a step by step process for easily creating a creative outfit, starting with your shoes. (You may already do this…I typically start by picking the pants that bind my waist the least, lol!)

When you use the simple system I’m sharing, you’ll have a great outfit every time and be out the door in a snap! And yes, I know this process might seem a bit elementary, but sometimes a different perspective can be helpful and inspiring…that exactly my hope for you!

P.S. After you’ve got the system down, check out my inspo down below. See something that would be amazing in your wardrobe? Just click the photos shop the outfit or to go to my storefront to shop all my looks.  I may make a small commission, but obvi, no additional charge to you!

7 Easy Steps to Create an Outfit From the Ground Up

  1. Think about your needs. First things first! You definitely want to think about what your day will entail, client meetings, a luncheon, running errands, etc. And of course, the weather might dictate your decision.
  2. Pick your shoes. When you know you’re going to be on your feet all day, you might want flats. Pull out your comfiest office-worthy flats, or whatever professional shoes make your feet happy.
  3. Choose your pants or skirt. If you’ve chosen flats already, and you know it’s going to be pretty warm (since it’s August at this writing,) maybe you’ll choose cropped flared pants. Flared skirts work well with flats. Pencil skirts are trickier and usually take at least a kitten heel.
  4. Select your top. Ideally, you want your closet organized by garment type, i.e. all pants together, tops together, etc. so that you can go to the top section and immediately see what top goes with your bottom.
  5. What goes underneath?  Don’t forget to consider any particular lingerie the outfit may need. Does it call for a Hanky Panky thong or Spanx for control banishing visible panty lines? Do you need a special bra or a camisole?
  6. Next is your layering piece, i.e.  jacket, cardigan,vest or even a scarf. Not every outfit needs a layering piece; however, layering is a cornerstone of professional dress, and I’m a huge fan of these pieces.
  7. Now that you’re dressed, always, always, always accessorize! Do you need a belt? An open neckline usually calls for a necklace. If you have pierced ears, be sure to coordinate your earrings with the necklace. Choose your handbag that will finish your outfit perfectly. And voila! A perfect outfit with the perfect shoes!

Create an outfit from the ground up: inspiration!

create and outfit lavender shoe


Now that you’ve created your great ensemble, be sure to document it!

Why not record your brilliant outfit, so you can duplicate it even easier next time? (Ever wish you had all of your outfits on your phone? Check out how we can make that happen.) 

This system is simple, yes, but I know from working with clients over the last 18 years, having an organized way of pulling an outfit together inspires creativity and “takes the stress out of getting dressed!”

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